MAM and PAMM Account Broker Comparison Chart

Trading the Forex requires great skills and indepth knowledge of the financial market. Unfortunately the statistics or ratio of successful traders to unsuccessful traders seems to be very high on the negative side. In order to bridge this gap, and also provide investment means for financial institutions and individuals, Brokers & experts came up with a concept that enables investors (traders) put together funds, which are managed (traded) by professional traders, and then the profits/loss is shared by a ratio formula. This is where PAMM Accounts or Managed Funds came in. Go straight to comparison chart

This arrangement gives the Manager access to a large pool of funds and gives less experienced clients a way to earn money on Forex and related markets without having to do the trading themselves. As a compensation for the successful trading the Manager receives a share of the profits earned by the Investor. 

Most brokers offer this service with different features and conditions. We have taken an indepth research to clearly display these features comparatively to enable investors take the best decision.

MAM & PAMM Account Comparison Chart
Broker *Min Deposit **No of Fund Managers Protection Client Type Charges/Fees Multi Selection Currency Base

isit website for more details
$300 553 Investors decide the maximum acceptable level of loss that can be lost from their Investment account. Once that level is reached, all open trades are closed out of the control of the fund manager.

PAMM Managers are required to invest their funds into the account in order to ensure shared risk and responsibility.
Individual Corporate Joint Success Fee (varies)
Penalty Fee (varies)

0 charges for deposits & withdrawal even at the daily rollover
Investors can select multiple fund managers USD

visit website for more details
Flexible - System restricts managers to only perform trades within investors deposits not allowing withdrawing investors funds. Individual Profit Fee (varies) Volume Fee (varies)
Commission 0.0020%*
Investors can open several accounts & connect them to several fund managers. USD

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MAM & PAMM Account - 5 Reasons Why It's The Most Preferred Investment Option For Forex Trading

A lot of investors (traders) needlessly shouldn't have wrecked their accounts if only they knew a better option of Forex Trading. Forex PAMM account provides the best medium for investors (traders) who do not have the requisite knowledge to trade Forex. This articles presents 5 reasons why PAMM account is the most preferable investment option in Forex Trading.

Hotforex Pamm V2
See Top 10 HotForex PAMM Managed Account Performance

A good thing about Forex Trading is the variety of investment options and instruments, an investor (trader) can invest in. Some of the major instruments are precious metals, commodities (CFDs), stocks, and of course currencies. In each of these instruments there are various options or ways an investor (trader) can invest and make profits from them. One of the options is PAMM Account.

Not all traders are experts, and not all experts are traders. Most often we see investors trying seriously hard to break even in Forex. While many get frustrated in endless search for the perfect robots and trading systems, others end up in the whirlpool of consistent failures. It might be surprising that quiet a few number of investors (traders) are aware of the PAMM option of Forex Trading, which is unknowingly one of the easiest ways and maybe safest way of investing in Forex. Probably why many traders ignore this option is because of a wrong notion and misunderstanding of how the PAMM concept works.

What is a PAMM Account
A PAMM otherwise known as a percent allocation management module is a special application that allows investors (traders) to invest their funds into a pool of funds being managed by a trader (money manager) who has been given a limited power of attorney to trade with the funds. A profit/loss or dividend ratio formular is applied to the pool of funds for the investors (traders) depending on the size of the deposit each investor brings into the managed account. It is very important to note that in most cases the trader who manages the account also has his/her fund in the pool of funds. This reduces the risks of recklessness or irresponsibility on the part of the trader since his/her funds is also at stake.

Hotforex Pamm V2
Over 500 plus PAMM Strategies (Fund Managers) Available

Virtually all Brokers have a PAMM account option as part of their investment options for investors. See our comparison table for Broker PAMM accounts.

Before we see reasons why it's a preferable option for investors (traders) let's see how it works.

For example lets say the following investors (traders) who are not too good at Forex trading decides to invest their funds into an account being managed by a trader who makes over 50% profit monthly.

John invests the sum of $250,000.00, Shane invests the sum of $50,000.00, Adams invests the sum of €55,000 and Chinedu invests the sum of £100,000.00. Due to the varied sums of deposits the ratio (profit/loss) is allocated according to size: John 22.5%, Shane 18.2%, Adams 20.3% & Chinedu 25.5%, while the remaining percentage (13.50%) goes to the trader managing the account. The sum total of the ratios must add up to 100%. In order to get a balanced ratio calculation, all deposits are converted to USD equivalent at the prevailing market rate.

If the money manager makes a profit of $120,000.00 then the percentage ratio (profit/loss) is applied in order to allocate the profits to each investor. John therefore gets $27,000.00, Shane gets $21,840.00, Adams get $24,360.00, Chinedu gets $30,600.00 while the money manager gets $16,200.00

Whatever amount of volume order placed by the manager of the account, the PAMM module automatically uses the percentage (ratio) to allocate the profit and loss on each investor's portfolio holding funds in the managed account. A commission fee is given to the money manager before the profits will be divided to the respective investors in line with the ratio (sharing) formula.

5 Reasons Why PAMM Account Is Most Preferred
  1. Little or Zero Involvement
    One of the great benefits of PAMM account is that the investor (trader) does not need to do anything other than invest the fund and make withdrawals. The money manager takes care of the trading activities. This is beneficial for traders who have little knowledge in Forex but wants to invest in it.

  2. Ability to Select From a Pool of Top Winning Traders
    Most Brokers do publish a table of ranked money managers where investors can easily choose which money manager to invest their funds with. Some Brokers like HotForex allow selection of multiple fund managers.

  3. Flexibility of Withdrawals & Minimum Deposits
    An investor is not tied to durational contracts, although it makes sense to allow a full calendar month for easy operational purpose on the side of the fund manager. The benefit here is that you are free to pull out as you desire but after all necessary fees have been paid. Deposits are also becoming minimal and friendlier. See our Broker PAMM comparison chart.

  4. Controlled Risk & Security
    Investors are allowed to set risk levels (i.e. the acceptable level of loss that can be lost from your investment account). Also some Brokers like HotForex require fund managers to include their funds in the pool of funds being managed by them in order to ensure responsibility and security of investors funds. In addition to this, the fund manager is restricted from withdrawing funds from the managed account. In reality he/she has no access to the funds in the managed account.

  5. Real Time Reporting
    You can get real-time reports of the performance of your account depending on the features of your Broker you may be able to get alerts on phone and emails.
The above are the major reasons why the PAMM account is preferred as one of the best investment options in Forex Trading. Unfortunately only a few knows about this. Now you know please share with others. See our recommended Broker Comparison Chart on PAMM accounts.

We appreciate your comments.

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Popular Questions Traders Ask About News Trading

Forex News Trading is very lucrative if not one of the most lucrative aspects of Forex trading if you have the requisite skills, tools and knowledge. I know a friend who only trades the US NFP, and makes a decent living out of it. Based from my experience just one good trade on a news event can be worth more than many trades taken through technical methods
Dont Miss Out On Any News Trading Event - Trade 24/7 With A Reliable VPS

We receive various inquiries and question from lots of traders on news trading. We've taken time to outline some of these questions with answers for everyone to learn.

No.1 - What Stop Loss Should I Use?
Ans: This question is quiet very difficult to answer because the impact of most news events are not static in nature and behaviour. Therefore you cannot come up with a definite stop loss value. However based on experience I most often utilize a special dynamic Support & Resistance Indicator to guide me in setting Stop Loss. See Part 2 of the series: How I Trade The News
Stop loss varies with the severity of news events. For example events like Interest Rates, Employment Change, & Press Conferences can be very volatile with huge spread widening prior to the news release. Hence in such cases stop loss should be set far apart with the guidance of a support and resistance indicator. I personally modify my orders keeping a safe distance from price until the news is released. In addition to this you can use trailing stops.

Another factor to consider when setting stop loss is your margin allowable limit and capital base. The rule which says not more than 20% of your margin or capital should be exposed or staked can be used. Also using 50pips and more (i.e. for 5 digit brokers) is an ideal value for stop loss. But it's better to modify it until the release is out.

No.2 - What's The Ideal Take Profit For News Trading?
Ans: Same thing applies here like above. You cannot
absolutely tell how far price would go after a news release. We've seen cases where the reaction of an event came out so strong that price went as fas as hundredths of pips, and in some cases very huge gaps in split seconds. An example was the Swiss Franc Capping Episode last year, which sent many brokers & financial institutions bankrupt. At the same time some events can come with mixed reactions though the deviations are met but the market reacts very dull and so take profits are not met. The principle here is set your Take Profit as far as possible while using trailing stops or trade management software to manage the profit all the way.

No.3 - Do I Stand A Better Chance Placing Orders Few Seconds Or Minutes To News Release?
Ans: No it is not always good. There are some specially designed EAs that has the capability to do so but the result would often lead to slippages, requotes, and orders not getting filled. The reason why this happens is that orders passes through a process before getting executed (filled), and the lengthier the process the more exposed to failed orders. In some cases orders goes through the broker to the liquidity provider and then back to the market or through the broker to the liquidity provider and then another liquidity provider until a price is matched then back to the broker or to the market. So before it goes through these trips, price has already moved on and then you get error messages like requotes or slippage (meaning the price you bidded is no longer available). However super auto click systems might be able to get your order in at super milliseconds but not all the time. Do not forget at certain news release, there's a very huge price feed demand all over the world and as such price feed servers can go haywire due to the surge thereby causing slippage.

Up to 25% Additional Lifetime Discount Available Depending on Billing Cycle

No.4 - Why Do I Always Get Slippage Or Requotes? Is My Broker Playing Pranks?
Ans: Slippages occur when the price (order) you requested for is no longer available at the current market price, and then you are asked to requote (i.e. place it again with the available price). Actually some brokers might be responsible due to their type of operation (i.e. ECN, STP, or Market Maker). That is why it's advisable to trade with ECN or STP brokers. Another reason is because you placed an order few seconds or minutes to the news release. Within that period most price feed servers are overloaded and price must have moved ahead when you placed the order. However if you place your orders some minutes away from the news release like 10 minutes away and slippages always occurs then your broker needs to be checked.

No.5 - Deviation Was Met But Price Went The Wrong Way. What Happened?
Ans: This is a very strange occurrence and I've experienced it before. See this article that covers the best possible reasons why such occurs. When Deviation Goes Wrong  

No.6 - My Broker Blocks My EA or My EA Does Not Function The Way It Should During News Release!
Ans: In order to be sure where the problem is coming from follow this steps:
  1. Contact your broker and inform them of the EA and how it operates. Please be honest with the details of the operation because certain EAs are not permissible with some brokers.
  2. Check the journal tab and expert tab for further information that will show you internal functions and execution of the EA, which you can use to probe the EA & the broker.
  3. Check the EA settings properly and carryout more checks with the developers to ensure you're using the right settings. In some cases i've noticed that traders more often tweak their EAs beyond the normal settings in order to get them produce "super" results.
  4. Test the EA on another broker and observe obvious behaviors if any.

No.7 - I Need A Good News Trading EA
Ans: See the following:

No.8 - Please Recommend A Broker With No Slippage & Low Spread For News Trading!
Ans: We generally shy away from making recommendations but we know how important this is. From our personal experience we recommend HotForex Broker. They have a special account for News Trading & Scalping EAs called Zero Spread Account. See more info: HotForex Zero Spread Account

No.9 - Which Timeframe Is Preferable For News Trading!
Ans: Preferably 30mins. It's easier to view candles and manage the trade. Stay away from smaller timeframes for news trading unless your manual trading strategy relies on smaller timeframes. However for EAs this is not necessary. You can use any timeframe and chart for EAs. They do not necessarily need it to work since the logic is inbuilt.

No.10 - Which Currency Pair Would Give Me More Profit In News Trading?
Ans: The impact of news events reflects on the currency tied (paired) with the country where the event is coming from. For example an event from the US would impact on its direct pairs like JPY, GBP, or NZD. However there are certain currency pairs that have higher spread and currency exchange value. These pairs generates more profits but the spreads can be high. An example of such pairs depending on the events are NZDCHF, USDCHF, GBPCHF, AUDCAD, XAUUSD, e.t.c. For more information on Currency pairs according to their values see: List of All Forex Currency Pairs According to Major Pairs, Exotic Pairs, & Precious Metals
You can subscribe or follow our news trading tips and guide for directions on currency pairs for each news event 
These are some of the most pressing questions we can deal with for now. Feel free to leave a question and we'll get it answered.

Happy News Trading.

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FX-Product Update

Previous Forex Updates: 

Updates in Forex
Quantina Intelligence Ltd.
Quantina Announces Important Update On NewsTrader v3.1 Ultimate EA Following New Changes In ForexFactory Calendar System
The makers of the renowned news trading EA and other prolific Forex trading system announced yesterday 7th March, 2017 important updates in their NewsTrader Ultimate EA. 

The EA automatically trades the news by using data (results of events) from the economic news calendar derived from Forex Factory to place BUY/SELL orders on the chart.

The update became extremely necessary because the EA, which relied on the data pulled from Forex Factory calendar to draw up schedules, filter economic news events and most importantly make trade decisions from the results of the event, could no longer do so after Forex Factory updated their calendar system.

The good news is that the new EA, version 3.19, has been fine tuned to download the news, and has a few minor visual fix.

You can download the product by logging into your account on Quantina's Website, going to My Account and selecting the Downloads section. If you are having trouble finding the files, you can send an email to their technical support.

The £25.00 promo for all Quantina Products is no longer available. But you can still get any of their products including the newly updated NewsTrader Ultimate EA at 50% discount by using this Coupon Code during checkout: VIPxcOnyeB

CFTC Orders Forex Capital Markets, LLC (FXCM), Its Parent Company, FXCM Holdings, LLC and FXCM’s Founding Partners, Dror Niv and William Ahdout, to Pay a $7 Million Penalty for FXCM’s Defrauding of Retail Forex Customers

Press statements from the regulator as at February 6th 2017 has it that FXCM was fined for infractions bordering on false statments or misleading information which must have affected traders. This news comes as big blow to FXCM and a shock to the Forex Community.

See excerpts below from the regulator.

FXCM, Niv, and Ahdout are Prohibited from Registering with the CFTC, Acting in Exempt Capacities or Acting as Principals, Agents, Officers or Employees of Registrants
CFTC’s Order also holds FXCM, Niv, and FXCM Holdings responsible for FXCM’s False Statements to the National Futures Association

Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today issued an Order filing and settling charges against Forex Capital Markets, LLC (FXCM) , its parent company, FXCM Holdings, LLC (FXCM Holdings), and two founding partners, Dror (“Drew”) Niv, and William Ahdout, who were, respectively, Chief Executive Officer of FXCM and Managing Director of FXCM, (collectively, Respondents). FXCM’s principal place of business is New York, New York; Niv resides in Connecticut; and Ahdout resides in New York.

The CFTC Order finds that, between September 4, 2009 though at least 2014 (the Relevant Period), FXCM engaged in false and misleading solicitations of FXCM’s retail foreign exchange (forex) customers by concealing its relationship with its most important market maker and by misrepresenting that its “No Dealing Desk” platform had no conflicts of interest with its customers. The Order finds FXCM, FXCM Holdings, and Niv responsible for FXCM making false statements to the National Futures Association (NFA) about its relationship with the market maker.

The Order requires Respondents jointly and severally to pay a $7 million civil monetary penalty and to cease and desist from further violations of the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC Regulations, as charged. FXCM, Niv, and Ahdout agree to withdraw from CFTC registration; never to seek to register with the CFTC; and never to act in any capacity requiring registration or exemption from registration, or act as a principal, agent, officer, or employee of any person that is registered, required to be registered, or exempted from registration with the CFTC.

“The CFTC Is Committed to Protecting Customers from Harm in the Markets It Regulates”

“Full and truthful disclosure to customers and honest discourse with self-regulatory organizations such as NFA are vital to the integrity and oversight of our markets,” said Gretchen L. Lowe, Principal Deputy Director and Chief Counsel of the CFTC’s Division of Enforcement. “Today’s action’s demonstrates that the CFTC is committed to protecting customers from harm in the markets it regulates.”

FXCM is registered with the CFTC as a Futures Commission Merchant and Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer. FXCM has been providing retail customers with access to over-the-counter forex markets through a proprietary technology platform and has acted as counterparty in transactions with its retail customers in which customers can buy one currency and simultaneously sell another. Both Niv and Ahdout were CFTC registrants during the relevant period.

FXCM, under Niv’s and Ahdout’s direction and control, misrepresented to its retail forex customers that when they traded forex on FXCM’s No Dealing Desk platform, FXCM would have no conflict of interest, the Order finds. In addition, according to FXCM’s marketing campaign, retail customers’ profits or losses would have no impact on FXCM’s bottom line, because FXCM’s role in the customers’ trades was merely that of a credit intermediary, the Order finds. FXCM further represented that the risk would be borne by banks and other independent “market makers” that provided liquidity to the platform, according to the Order.

FXCM’s Undisclosed Interest
Contrary to these representations, the Order finds, FXCM had an undisclosed interest in the market maker that consistently “won” the largest share of FXCM’s trading volume – and thus was taking positions opposite FXCM’s retail customers. FXCM, the Order finds, formulated a plan in 2009 to create an algorithmic trading system, using an FXCM computer program that could make markets to FXCM’s customers, and thereby either replace or compete with the independent market makers on FXCM’s “No Dealing Desk” platform. Although FXCM eventually spun off the algorithmic trading system as a new company, in actuality the company remained closely aligned with FXCM, according to the Order. This market maker received special trading privileges, benefitted from a no-interest loan provided by FXCM, worked out of FXCM’s offices, and used FXCM employees to conduct its business, the Order further finds.

The Order finds that FXCM and the market maker agreed that the market maker would rebate to FXCM approximately 70 percent of its revenue from trading on FXCM’s retail forex platform. In total, through monthly payments from 2010 through 2014, the company rebated to FXCM approximately $77 million of the revenue it achieved. However, FXCM did not disclose to customers, among other things, that this company – FXCM’s principal market maker – was a startup firm spun off from FXCM, the Order further finds.

False Statements to the NFA
The Order also finds that FXCM willfully made false statements to NFA in order to conceal FXCM’s role in the creation of its principal market maker as well as the fact that the market maker’s owner had been an FXCM employee and managing director. The Order finds that during a meeting between NFA compliance staff and FXCM executives, Niv omitted to mention to NFA the details of FXCM’s relationship with the market maker.

The Order holds Niv and Ahdout liable for FXCM’s fraud violations as “controlling persons” who were responsible, directly or indirectly, for FXCM’s violations. Niv is also held liable for FXCM’s false statements to NFA as a controlling person who was responsible directly or indirectly for those violations. FXCM Holdings is held liable for FXCM’s fraud and false statement violations as principal of FXCM, the Order also finds.

The CFTC thanks NFA for its assistance in this matter.

CFTC Division of Enforcement staff members responsible for this action are Christopher Giglio, Patrick Daly, David C. Newman, Xavier Romeu-Matta, K. Brent Tomer, Lenel Hickson, Jr., and Manal M. Sultan.

Media Contact
Dennis Holden

A High Profile Forex Institution Is Looking For Talented Traders

Get Paid To Trade....

Do you: -Want to make a living from your trading or help others while remaining anonymous and avoid dealing directly with clients?
-Enjoy teaching others how to trade?
-Have an in depth understanding of both fundamental and technical analysis?

There are a few things to consider and in order to qualify it’s not all about your returns but how you manage and quantify the risk you take.

Terms of Qualification
- Real money trading account
- Fully verified track record on Myfxbook
- At least $5,000 USD in your trading account
- At least a 4-month track record
- At least 200 realised trades
- No Grid or Martingale - this includes averaging into trades
- Automated or Manual traders welcome* (If Automated provide back-tested results. If Manual you will be required to illustrate some setups in out of sample data.)
- Average trade holding time must be below 1 week and above 5 minutes

If you meet the above criteria and you think you've got what it takes then send the following details below to ( or

1. Name
2. Link to your Trading Account or Trade

    Records (Myfxbook, MT4i preferable)
3. Email Address & any other contact address 

Applicants will be screened by the Forex Institution making the announcement.

This is an opportunity to change your life and work within one of the few authentic, reputable and growing organizations in the Forex industry.

Key Features & Comparison Between Version 2 & Version 3

14/09/2016 - The makers of the renowned Forex Simulating Application (Forex Tester) for Strategy Building & Backtesting recently launched a newer version with outstanding features and improvements.

The app comes with over 26 new features and improvements which makes it much more efficient, and robust for Forex trading strategy development and testing. 

Feature Forex Tester 2 Forex Tester 3
Simplified mode system History + Testing modes One aggregate mode
Automated ticks generation Uses 1 core of your PC’s processor Utilizes all processor’s cores for speeding up the testing
Keep all testing parameters in the projects Time consuming five-step process One-step process
Number of simultaneous currency pairs for downloading 1 pair at a time Any number of pairs at a time
Increased data downloading and processing speed Single-threaded data downloading Multi-threaded data downloading
Profile (desktop) saving
Smart Profit Chart for analyzing of the strategy’s performance Only main features Features to perform detailed analysis
Automated time shift for all of the project's currency pairs
Number of built-in EAs for automated testing 1 Three for now. But users of Forex Tester 3 will have more EAs soon
Instantaneous changing of the pending orders, stop loss and take profit values with a drag & drop - Save time on orders’ installation
Use the software on multiple monitors
Any number of monitors
New more user-friendly software registration scheme - Faster and easier
Renko bars
Organizing of the workspace based on preferences - New doc-interface where you can detach, merge and move any window or tab
Shows real number of ticks Not always Always
Hotkeys for all the functions Only preset hotkeys Assign custom hotkeys to any functions
New graphical tools for analysis and chart markup Lines, waves, Fibo, shapes Lines, waves, Fibo, shapes + signs, thumbs up & down, arrows, price labels
Other user interface improvements - 7
Accelerated testing process - Software works faster with the same computer capabilities
Add comments to the orders for further more quickly finding and analyzing
Undo most of long-term operations (especially useful when downloading data from the server) - Allows to instantaneously correct mistakes
List of objects - Simplified access to the search, editing and deleting of the graphical objects

For indepth desscription of each feature please visit website - Forex Tester 3 In-depth Feature Description

The new version would be released on September 15th, 2016. FREE Upgrade from Version 2 to Version 3 is available at a limited time. See our homepage for more details.
HotForex Relaxes Minimum Requirement For PAMM Manager Account

29/07/2016 - HotForex Broker has announced an upcoming promo that will allow new & existing traders plus PAMM Managers to open a PAMM Manager Account with funds as low as $300.00 as from August 1st 2016

Prior to this announcement the minimum requirement to open a PAMM Manager Account was around $500.00. The benefit of this promo is that traders who are that good with low income trading strategy like cents can now have the opportunity to become Fund Managers.

The PAMM system is one of the viable ways of making more income in addition to your personal trading income through client funds traded by the PAMM Manager. The PAMM Manager earns a success fee and as well a penalty fee from clients registered under the account.

Core Benefits Expand your portfolio while utilizing less fund
2. Access to a wide pool of funds
3. As much as 6 accounts can be opened by the Fund Manager
4. Open access to all traders who are desirous of earning more income from their trading skills
5. Opportunity to boost trading performance in order to rise up in rankings and draw additional investors.
6. Does not requirement any other cost.

You need to open a myhotforex account first (for new traders) and then go on with the process for opening the PAMM Manager Account.

For more information and details about Hotforex PAMM and promo please visit website: HotForex Exclusive Promo For PAMM Managers or Contact us: FXTradeCity

NB: Promo starts August 1st 2016 and runs for a limited time.

Quantina Intelligence Forex Research Lab Launches
3 New Spectacular EAs

05/05/2016 - A couple of weeks ago, the makers of the renowned News Trading EA - Quantina News Trader Ultimate, released more spectacular Expert Advisers from their lab. Although one of the EA was released some couple of weeks ago, and the other two are fresh out of the Lab. An outstanding quality about Quantina Intelligence Research Lab is their continuous research, and development of news trading systems as well as other automated trading software

The Three New EAs 
New Release #1.
Quantina seems to have finally joined other developers of Auto Click News Trading EAs. The EA works like a spike-trading tool that analyzes MULTIPLE Forex Economic News Data and generates trades by your predefined conditions in seamless lightning speed. 
The EA automatically execute trades for you, based on the difference between the actual and expected (or customized) macroeconomic data. If data is positive (higher than expected) it can automatically enter the buy order on the market. If data is negative (lower than expected) it can automatically enter the sell order on the market by mouse click emulator.

Key Features
Stand Alone Application: No need to install it, one single file only. It doesn’t make any changes in registry and it doesn’t use FTP protocol. Compatible with any PC or VPS. As a stand-alone application give your trading platform a freedom and huge trading advantage.

Most Advanced Coding Method: It’s coded to consume less computer resources, hence It has a faster execution and stable operation.

Avoids Multiple News Indicator conflict: The Developers realized that one single economic news release can not give us a correct trading direction if at the same time releasing several different economic data on the market.  If there are conflict in the
deviation then the market could be highly volatile and unpredictable.

News Spike - US Interest Rate 16th March, 2016
Integrated MND Core (Multiple News Decision Core): A special core (Multiple News Decision Core) was designed to provide additional advantages during news trading. With MND core you will able to add multiple news events with different conditions to a single Intelligence (trading decision). Quantina Intelligence News System can process multiple indicators.

User-friendly Interface - Instant Trading Signal: You can choose any news event from a simple Economic Calendar on our interface. Set your conditions easily as a simple form. Add it to your Intelligence and set up click co-ordinates on your broker’s BUY or SELL button.  Activate it with one click. No need to understand scripts or any programming language. 

Trades Every News Impact Types: Not just all the most important economic indicators such as US NonFarm Payroll, Unemployment Rate, or Inflation reports can be traded, but every high, medium, and low impact news events
from almost 42 countries can be traded. Unlimited opportunities and trading rules can change everything.

After News Auto Click Delay: Instant Auto Click and After News Auto Click method also can be used in this version. Customizable After News Auto click can delay your trades for the beginning of next timeframe to avoid - high spread and - volatile market conditions. Delay valid for the scheduled time and not for the news released. In this case you will have extra advantage for trading opportunity.
Fast-Link To Get More Info: There is a built-in get more information link for every economic news event, which is sourced from The information contains the type of news event, history data with charts, and also a simple explanation for beginners regarding how the actual data will affect the currency (e.g. A higher than expected reading should be taken as positive/bullish for the GBP, while a lower than expected reading should be taken as negative/bearish for the GBP.”)

Designed For All Kind of Users: The EA was made by professionals and also tested on beginners to ensure it is optimized for all kind of users. Ideal for technical and fundamental trades.
Other Features
  • Broker friendly & works on any trading platform
    (MetaTrader 4/5, cTrader, JForex…)
  • Works on any VPS
  • After News Clicking Trading Method developed by Quantina
  • Can read multiple economic indicators for better decision and Conflict Protection System
  • Built-in fast link for our community to instant help 

Additional Notes  
  1. Price - £290.00 
  2. There is no any upfront cost or activation fee for now.
  3. Limited Time Offer. The EA will not be available after meeting the number of sales that the server can sustain. 
  4. Rent or one-time off purchase
  5. For special discounts please contact us  
For more information visit website - Quantina Intelligence Auto Click News Trader 2016 v1.5

New Release #2.
The Quantina Forex News Trading Pack + Remote Installation is a special combination of Qunatina's best EAs inclusive of a special installation by their technical team on your PC, VPS, or Server. One of the key advantage of acquring the combination pack is the significant price difference when compared to buying each of the EAs alone. Moreover the EAs are one of the best with proven profitability. So the combination would increases the chances of more profits. Also the installation of the EAs by Quantina Technical Team is another good adavantage since they will apply the same techniques and parameters they use on their production system in installing the pack on your PC or VPS. 

Price Details & Economic Advantage

S/N Stand Alone EA + Accessories Price
1 Forex News Trader EA v3.1  - Ultimate £190.00

Forex News Trader - 4 Recommended & Tested Settings + Detailed Manual Guide in .PDF file £29.00
3 After News Trader EA 2016 £90.00
4 After News Trader EA – Settings pack for manual and auto + detailed manual guide in .PDF file £19.00
5 Straddle Trader EA 2016 with Latency Meter £19.00
6 Straddle Trader EA – Settings pack for special news + Detailed Manual Guide in .PDF file £9.00
7 Video Instructions for settings and strategies, 24/7 Technical Support by email (response in 48hours), access to our community and Forum site for quick help, + remote installation by a highly trained Technical Team. 
Remote installation service includes to check your PC’s hardware and software requirements before installing. Also includes the proper installation, pre-test and a short technical advise for better performance

Total (1 - 8) £416.00

Quantina Forex News Trading Pack (Combination of 1 - 8)  & save £167 £249.00

For more information please visit website -Quantina Forex News Trading Pack (Including Remote Installation)

Special discounts please Contact Us

New Release #3. new EA is really an intelligent design by Quantina. As the name implies, it trades after the news release has occurred after following a very clever logic that scans the market for opportunities of a price reversal, which is very common in news events, and then takes advantage of it. 

How It Works
After a high or medium impact news events, the FOREX market will react and price will certainly move in one direction (long or short). The EA will wait until the end of the timeframe before it enters the market. This protects you from high spread, and latency issues.

The EA works with market orders to reduce data usage with your broker server. It can observe the candle of a scheduled news event and open trades in the same and/or opposite trend direction beginning of the very next candle. Depending on the size of impact and direction, it will track and secure your executed order with the BreakEven method* and Trailing Stop as usual in Quantina Expert Advisors.

Screenshot of EUR/USD H1 Timeframe - News event at 15:00 server time
Observed candle was a Bearish candle; in that case, the EA opened a Sell (short) trade at the next candle at 16:00. (TimeFrame is H1). Then closed the trade using Break Even and Trailing Stop method with some profit.

Screenshot: EUR/USD M1 Timeframe - News Event at 4:15 as MT4 terminal
EA entered the market at 4:15 + 1 Candle (4:16) on M1 Timeframe. Profit Protection Sysytem will automatically start tracking your trade. 

Example of an Opposite Trade direction: Screenshot: EUR/USD H1 
News Event: Medium Impact at 07:15a.m. (server time) Opposite Trade Direction = true
Observed Candle was Bullish. In that case EA will open an opposite trade direction = Sell (short) trade instead of buy trade. Opposite tarde direction is recommended for medium impact of news events.

key Features
1. 4/5 digit platform supported automatically
2. Real ECN / STP account type compatible
3. Latest MT4 build 950+ compatible
4. Advanced Break Even Method (Trigger + Lock)
5. Opposite Trade Direction for medium impacts
6. Trail before break even available
7. Separated Buy and Sell Order Distance
8. Intelligent Money Manager (Calculated with Stop-Loss)
9. High Spread Protection
10. Settings can be used in PIPS or in Points

11. Stealth Mode Function to protect your account

Price - £90.00
Purchase For One Time Payment or Rent Monthly
Visit Website For More Information - Quantina After News Trader EA 2016

Special discount offer please Contact Us 

FXTradeCity In Conjunction With Quantina Intelligence Forex Research Lab Presents 
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FXTradeCity is glad to announce its 50% Discount promotion on all Quantina Intelligence Products in this season of celebration. This means friends, visitors and fans of FXTradeCity will get all products on Quantina Intelligence website for Discount of 50% cost price until the expiration of the promotion.


Quantina Forex News Trader EA 2015 ULTIMATE v3.1 (Automated-and-Manual Trade) - See more details of the EA
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Quantina Forex News Trader EA 2015 DEMO v3.1 (Automated and Manual)
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Quantina Intelligence iTrend EA 2015 Universal Edition v1.5
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Quantina Intelligence Session Trader EA 2015 Universal Edition
See more details of the EA 
Cost Price: £29.9
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Quantina Straddle Trader EA 2016 (With Latency Meter) Half Automated Trading System with high spread- and profit protection system. See more details of the EA - **Available for ONLY existing cutomers  
 Cost Price: £19.00 50% Discount: £9.50

......and many more products (indicators, special settings packs, e.t.c.). 

To take advantage of this offer use the Coupon Code: VIPxcOnyeB at check out during payment for any product on Quantina's website.

We strongly recommend deploying your news trading EAs on a VPS in order to avoid missing any trade. NextPointHost is a very good VPS Provider offering up to 25% additional lifetime discount depending on the billing cycle. We learnt a new data centre will soon be launched in London amongst other data centres in Europe. See more details: NextPointHost Forex VPS Hosting

Wish you a pipful encounter trading the news.

Metaquotes Software Corp Launches MetaTrader 4 Web Platform - Beta Edition on Browsers

The makers of MT4 officially announced the launching of a web based MT4 platform on browsers. The news which was posted on 31st August, 2015 in the official website states that users can utilize the platform via any browser and operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux). No additional software is required — everything is done on the website. 

The only requirements needed to get started is to register for an account and a demo account on the MetaQuotes-Demo server.

MetaTrader 4 Web Platform Beta Already Available in Your Browser

The platform is not limited to only Metaquotes demo servers, because traders can still register their broker name, and login in to their accounts. Click this link to add a trading account:

This innovation breaks the barrier of standalone platforms which restricts traders to their PCs. Now traders can get access to their platform everywhere, anywhere as long as a browser is there.

Forex21 Launches Update of FXPulse 4.0

The makers of the renowned Forex Insider Indicator, PowerFlow EA & ProFX recently launched the updated version of FXPulse Tool. The utility, which aids news trading by providing news events directly on the chart makes it the fourth major update since inception.

A major feature in the new version is the multilingual interface & faster delivery of news events directly on the chart.

Key Features

  1. Automatic updates of news events
  2. Currently supports English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish, Indonesian.
  3. Fast news stream
  4. Robust filtering function. Filter events that should display, alert, e.t.c.

Once more the utility comes FREE with no conditions. 

Statement from the developers: "News is the lifeblood of the Forex Market! Did you ever find yourself in a trade where everything seemed to be perfect but suddenly the price turned within seconds against your position and your profitable trade turned into a huge loss?

If yes, surprise “You got strucked by Forex News”.
Experienced currency traders know that keeping an eye on Forex News and Economic Data is essential because there is nothing what can turn prices as quick as News do. And so should you."

Click here to visit Forex21 and download FXPulse4.0

Additional Download: Forex Insider (FREE) 

NextPointHost Forex VPS & Hosting Solutions Celebrates 5 Years Anniversary With Special Discount Offers & A Special Birthday Draw

NextPointHost recently announced Discounted Prices and a Special Birthday Draw For Their 5th Anniversary - Tuesday, May 5, 2015

NextPointHost, a premier provider of affordable and VPS hosting, announced it is marking its 5th anniversary by announcing a couple of special discounts to help celebrate five years of offering world-class web hosting services to customers in Europe and internationally.

In celebration of its 5-year anniversary, the company has announced discounts on two of the most popular hosting services – shared and VPS SSD servers - offering new and existing customers 50% off all new orders placed before 20th May 2015.

NextPointHost will also be giving away a Free SSD VPS Hosting account for 1 year. Anyone can take part in the Birthday Draw just by visiting their Facebook page and submitting the application form for a chance to win.

Having started with just three Forex VPS hosting plans in 2010, NextPointHost’s service portfolio has grown and adapted over the past 5 years to include products under 6 different categories and catering to businesses of all sizes. In fact much of the past 5 years at NextPointHost has been spent on tweaking and perfecting their hosting solutions.

The company has already exhibited phenomenal success in the market.  “NextPointHost’s 5th anniversary is a significant milestone in an industry that is changing constantly, said Genko Penev, CEO of NextPointHost. “A long-term focus on customer care and a stable operations have greatly contributed to NextPointHost’s success. We now have two datacenters, and a range of hosting products far more powerful than anything I could have imagined back in 2010.”

To find out more about the 50% discount on shared and VPS hosting servers, and other promotions and services please visit: NextPointHost Website

NextPointHost ranks No.1 in our Top 5 Forex VPS Providers. See our VPS Table: Top 5 Forex VPS Proiders 

CFTC Launches Online Tool That Helps Investors To Check The Registration, License, & Disciplinary History Of Certain Financial Professionals.

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recently launched a SmartCheck  tool that allows investors to verify the credentials of investment professionals, uncover any past disciplinary history, and stay ahead of scam artists with news and alerts. The investigative tool exposes Six (6) key information which reveals the true background of a registered financial professional or institution.

  1. Background Affiliation Status Information Center (BASIC): Find out if your financial professional is registered or has a history with the CFTC or NFA.
  2. Broker Check: See whether your broker is registered or has a history with FINRA or the SEC.
  3. CFTC Disciplinary History:  Displays a repository of the agency’s active investigations, and past violations. See if your broker has a displinary action filed with CFTC.
  4. The Securities and Exchange Commission Investment Advisor Public Disclosure (IAPD): Simply displays active registration of an investment adviser by reviewing the information available following the "Registration Status" hyperlink on IAPD.
  5. Internet Search: Search for public disciplinary records or even public commentary and reviews about financial professionals. 
  6. Sundry Resources: Information on The Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR Database, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, North American Securities Administrators Association, National Association of State Boards of Accountancy,  FINRA Professional Designation Lookup, & Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Education Center 
For more information visit CFTC SmartCheck Website

HotForex Launches Social Traders Network

HotForex recently announced the launch of the much awaited Social Media Trading Network, which connects more than 250,000 traders across the world. The innovative scheme allows traders in the network to Identify, follow and copy the most successful traders; build portfolio; exchange information; and, track progress. social trading platform, which is powered by one of the fastest growing network in the world FXStat is also available on mobile Smartphones. So traders can keep up-to-date with the latest news, and react to market moves as they happen anywhere anytime. 

  1. Connect with other traders & share strategies and discuss breaking news 
  2. Identify more trading opportunities by following the traders that interest you the most
  3. Copy the most successful manual and algorithmic traders, while you build a portfolio of winning strategies and copy trades automatically
  4. React to market changes on-the-go on your iOS or Android mobile devices
  5. Improves your success by diversifying your investment and reduces risk
  1. Login to myHotForex
  2. Click Accounts > Open Account, Select ‘Social’ from the Account Type Menu and complete the short form.
  3. Click ‘Submit’

New clients who open an account through FXTradeCity would be given a special COUPON code to purchase Quantina News Trader EA Ultimate 2015 at £90.00 OFF the cost price. To open an account through us Click Here: HotForex - FXTradeCity (offer lasts until 31st March, 2015)

Zero Spread Account
Lower The Cost Of Your Trading With HotForex Zero Spread Account

For more information visit HotForex Website: HotForex Social Trading Network

MetaQuotes Launches Renting of Robots & Market Products on MQL Market Place

MetaQuotes the developers of MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 has innovated a scheme, which enables RENTING of EAs, & Forex Products from the MQL Community. This innovation according to MetaQuotes allows members not only to buy MetaTrader Market applications but also rent them. According to the developers, "Renting a product is clearly much cheaper than purchasing a full license". 

Part of the objectives of this scheme is to build trader's confidence about a product before buying it. This action might gradually eradicate demo versions as a product can be rented for a certain period of time to make sure that it is really what you need - much like the same objective for a demo version with limited features.

Developers of Forex systems have a lot to benefit through this scheme as more clients would be attracted to cheaper prices with contractual duration. 


Currently this scheme does not work for MT4 build 765 and below. However it works perfectly for MT4 latest build 777 upwards but unfortunately the new build is not available through live update on MT4 platform. 

To perform an alternative live update to build 777 or 778 follow the steps below:
  1. In MT4, go to open a new account in the file menu. When it brings up a list of servers, click to add a new server and just type in metaquotes. It will then scan and find the metaquotes demo server. 
  2. Open a new demo account and log in.
  3. Check the journal tab for a message "Live Update Available" The platform begins the update at the background. You will not get any message informing you that the update is complete. But 10 to 20 minutes should be more than enough for the update to be completed depending on your connection speed
  4. Restart the platform.
  5. When the platform restarts, it will automatically shut down for some seconds to complete the update and then come up by itself.
  6. To confirm if the update was completed successfully, go to Help, and click About. You should see the new version build.
  7. You can login back to your former trading account after this process. 
For more information visit MetaQuotes Website: Rent Market Products And Save Your Money

Forex21 Releases New FREE Institutional Tool That Displays Live Trading Positions Of Other Traders, Trading Data From MyFXBookAPI, Real Traded Volume Of Currencies, e.t.c....

Forex21 announced the release of a high end FREE institutional trading tool that allows ordinary retail traders to see positions of other traders, which will help to guide their trading decisions. 

According to the designers of this wonderful utility, only institutional traders had access to such data which gave them a serious advantage over retail traders because of obvious reasons. With Forex Insider, traders can now know what other traders are doing which makes it easy to beat them on the Forex battlefield.

  1. Live Data from MyFXBook API
  2. Information on more than 70 Forex Symbols
  3. Shows real traded volumes in the market
  4. Data displayed on the chart comes from Community Outlook section and is based on up to 100 000 live trading positions and includes the following information: 
    • Short vs. Long - Positions Ratio in Percent
    • Short vs. Long - Positions Volume
    • Short vs. Long - Number of Positions
    • Average Short Price
    • Average Long Price
    • Average Long/Short Prices as Levels 
  5. As the data is updated every 60 seconds, the information provided by Forex Insider gives you a unique insight of what other currency traders are doing. The result is a strategic advantage which allows the user to stay away from risky trades and pick trades with high win probability.

Display on Forex Chart
The information displayed on your chart is based on thousands of live trading operations, the tool gives you a deep and accurate insight of what other traders are doing.

FREE (Only available for a limited time!)

Click Here: Forex Insider - The Best Forex Indicator

Forex21 Releases New Version of ProFX 3.0
Now ProFX3.0.6

Forex21 recently announced the release of the new version of ProFx 3.0. The buy/sell signal trading utility has made up to 513.20% since its initial launch in 2013 

How It Works
The semi-automated Forex trading system makes profitable trading as easy as only possible. It continuously analyzes technical and fundamental market conditions and provides you with precise entry and exit signals through audio, e-mail and SMS notifications whenever a new high probability setup has been detected. In summary it tells you when to BUY, SELL, where to Set SL and TP Orders, when to Exit your Trades, when and when Not to Trade, e.t.c.
New Features:
Fixed bug in Multi Oscillator.
Updated ProFx Swing Trading Template.
Updated ProFx Intraday Trading Templates.
Updated User Manual.
Updated settings for WPR Indicator.
  ProFX allows up to Five (5) Trading accounts, free build updates, unconditional refund guarantee and special trade suggestions in user forums

For more information on Live Results, Trade Statements, e.t.c visit website: Forex21 - Forex Trading Systems & Forex Trading Robots That Works

Swiss Central Bank Takes Off Cap On Franc
Extreme Gaps on CHF Causes Net Breaking Losses

USDCHF 15th January, 2015
Shocking reports from the Swiss Central Bank's decision to  stop the policy of capping the Swiss franc against the euro, sent the Swiss Franc to an unprecendented new level, which caused a wide gap on CHF pairs over 100ths of pips. 

The unexpected decision caused instant losses running into billions, and as well profits for some traders who probably had open sell positions in pairs like USDCHF.  

According to, major dealers
struggled to process orders amid a flood of customer calls, and trade requests, according to people with direct knowledge of the events. Some of these banks includes; Deutsche Bank AG (DBK), UBS Group AG (UBSG) and Goldman Sachs (GS) Group Inc.

The Swiss Franc grew 41% against the Euro and about 38% against the USD, but unfortunately most investors couldn't take advantage of this because quotes were frozen by brokers probably as a fail safe move thereby causing "No Liquidity" in most platforms.

Most financial experts believes that a higher than expected number of traders were caught unawares in this frenzy move. Some brokers have already begun sending emails informing their clients of their decision to fill client orders and positions in other to fill the gap.

It is likely that brokers with low holding capital might close up due to the huge losses that will be involved after they bridge the gap. Probably by next week we should be having a clear figure of this.

FXTradeCity Presents 20% Discount Special Offer
For ALL Quantina EA Products
& £90.00 Off for Opening A HotForex Zero Spread Account Through FXTradeCity

Due to the closure of the pre-sale price of Quantina EA News Trader Ultimate, FXTradeCity had to review the promo in the best interest of traders. The pre-sale price of £149 is no longer valid as the price has been adjusted to £190. 

GET £90.00 OFF BUY AT £100.00
However traders can get a better deal when they open a HotForex Account (preferably Zero Spread Account) and get a unique coupon to purchase the EA for £100.00. Follow the steps below for this option;

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The EA downloads the next news events from the Forex Factory's website. If something goes wrong or the Economic Calendar comes up late then the EA will contact Quantina's server, and compare the correct news events, so you will never going to miss any news events, especially the high impacts news. A few seconds before the scheduled news release, the EA selects the correct currency pair automatically and sets a buy stop and sell stop orders. When the news released hits one of them (buy or sell). EA will start to track it immediately, calculating with actual spread and slips (version 2015 v3.1 and above) and sets the Safety Net to the first profitable position (BreakEvenPips). You will earn at least that much profit even if the market suddenly turns back. However, if the market price moves forward in your favour, The EA will track it, and handle your opened position for the maximum profit. With spike trading method average trading time is about 2-3 minutes. Average profit is about 1 - 25 pips / trade.

​(Average trading time 5-25 minutes, Average Profit 60pips/trade). Advanced traders can use all the possibile trading methods at the same time on the same account which is highly profitable. Beginners are advised to follow the video instructions to reach high profit by monthly basis.) 

  1. Fully automated Forex robot. It downloads the Economic Calendars, which are filtered Automatically, choosing the best possibility currency pairs and trading automatically in the background to reduce internet usage. (no extra chart will be opened) No restart needed after weekends.  
  2. Low Start-up Cost: Minimum capital up to $400 & above, and $300 below for mini account.
  3. Advanced straddling method.
  4. About 82-90% consistency to achieve success in Forex trading.
  5. Can trade on EVERY Currency Pair 24 hours from Monday to Friday simultaneously. One Running EA can open the necessary major currency pairs in the background to reduce internet usage, and reach better execution. 
  6. Designed for ECN/STP accounts
  7. Varied Spread Tracking & Trail Before Break Even
  8. Automatic News Event Set
  9. Pending / Market Orders
  10. Max Spread Limit
  11. Next News Event Details
  12. Easy Installation and Set & many more......

Offer lasts from 10th January 2015 - 31st march 2015
Terms and conditions apply.

Forex Manipulation
More Bank Probe On The Way

Two (2) Major Banks on the Hit List

Reports from financial sources (Bloomberg), on December 11, 2014 has it that two (2) major banks are on the radar of New York's Financial Regulators for alleged use of sophisticated algorithms in their trading platforms to manipulate Forex prices.   

According to Bloomberg's report the New York's Financial Services found likely evidence that Barclays Plc (BARC) and Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) may have used algorithms on their trading platforms to manipulate foreign-exchange rates, by using automated tools that goes beyond individuals colluding to rig currency benchmarks, and take advantage of less sophisticated clients.

It is worthy to note that Deutsche Bank, and Barclays weren’t among the six firms that agreed to pay $4.3 billion to U.S., U.K. and Swiss authorities last month in the first settlements in the global probe. 

Currently monitoring systems have been installed in these banks as part of the investigations as stated by a spoke person of the Financial Investigating Authority. 

It is highly expected that another round of penalties or fines might be the lot of these banks if found wanting.
For more information see official report: Lawsky Said to Probe Barclays, Deutsche Bank FX Algorithm

HotForex FREE-For-All Holiday Tournament

$8,500 Cash Prizes + Gifts (Apple iOS Device)

Hotforex kicks off the holiday season with a FREE-For-All Demo Contest commencing 12th January, 2015.  The top 10 lucky winners would receive cash prizes ranging from $200.00 to $2,500.00, while the first 3 winners would also receive Apple iOS device. The 12 times industry award winner (HotForex) also stated that participants would be allowed to use EAs for the contest. Registration for the contest starts 1st December 2014 - 11th January 2015

For more information on the breakdown of prizes, contest rules, and registration click here.

FXScam....Banks At It Again!!!

CFTC Orders Five Banks to Pay over $1.4 Billion in Penalties for Attempted Manipulation of Foreign Exchange Benchmark Rates. Total Penalties Since June 2012 up to $3.4 Billion

A shocking, and bizarre news came out officially from the Forex watchdog - CFTC on November 12, 2014 stating penalties imposed on Five (5) notable Banks for attempted manipulation of foreign exchange benchmark rates. The shocking side of the story is the calibre of bank's involved - Citibank, RBS, JPMorgan, UBS & HSBC. The statement alleged that the heinous breach, which was carried out with other private banks through  a private chatting platform was aimed at manipulating the World Markets/Reuters Closing Spot Rates (WM/R Rates), which is the most widely referenced FX benchmark rates in the United States, and globally.

See details of the official press statement below:

"Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) issued five Orders filing and settling charges against Citibank N.A. (Citibank), HSBC Bank plc (HSBC), JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. (JPMorgan), The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (RBS) and UBS AG (UBS) (collectively, the Banks) for attempted manipulation of, and for aiding and abetting other banks’ attempts to manipulate, global foreign exchange (FX) benchmark rates to benefit the positions of certain traders. 

The Orders collectively impose over $1.4 billion in civil monetary penalties, specifically: $310 million each for Citibank and JPMorgan, $290 million each for RBS and UBS, and $275 million for HSBC. 

The Orders also require the Banks to cease and desist from further violations, and take specified steps to implement and strengthen their internal controls and procedures, including the supervision of their FX traders, to ensure the integrity of their participation in the fixing of foreign exchange benchmark rates and internal and external communications by traders. The relevant period of conduct varies across the Banks, with conduct commencing for certain banks in 2009, and for each bank, continuing into 2012.

Aitan Goelman, the CFTC’s Director of Enforcement, stated: “The setting of a benchmark rate is not simply another opportunity for banks to earn a profit. Countless individuals and companies around the world rely on these rates to settle financial contracts, and this reliance is premised on faith in the fundamental integrity of these benchmarks. The market only works if people have confidence that the process of setting these benchmarks is fair, not corrupted by manipulation by some of the biggest banks in the world.” 

According to the Orders, one of the primary benchmarks that the FX traders attempted to manipulate was the World Markets/Reuters Closing Spot Rates (WM/R Rates). The WM/R Rates, the most widely referenced FX benchmark rates in the United States and globally, are used to establish the relative values of different currencies, which reflect the rates at which one currency is exchanged for another currency. FX benchmark rates, such as the WM/R Rates, are used for pricing of cross-currency swaps, foreign exchange swaps, spot transactions, forwards, options, futures and other financial derivative instruments. The most actively traded currency pairs are the Euro/U.S. Dollar, U.S. Dollar/Japanese Yen, and British Pound Sterling/U.S. Dollar. Accordingly, the integrity of the WM/R Rates and other FX benchmarks is critical to the integrity of the markets in the United States and around the world.

The Orders find that certain FX traders at the Banks coordinated their trading with traders at other banks in their attempts to manipulate the FX benchmark rates, including the 4 p.m. WM/R fix. FX traders at the Banks used private chat rooms to communicate and plan their attempts to manipulate the FX benchmark rates. In these chat rooms, FX traders at the Banks disclosed confidential customer order information and trading positions, altered trading positions to accommodate the interests of the collective group, and agreed on trading strategies as part of an effort by the group to attempt to manipulate certain FX benchmark rates. These chat rooms were sometimes exclusive and invitation only. (Examples of the coordinating chats are attached under Related Links.)

The Orders also find that the Banks failed to adequately assess the risks associated with their FX traders participating in the fixing of certain FX benchmark rates and lacked adequate internal controls in order to prevent improper communications by traders. In addition, the Banks lacked sufficient policies, procedures and training specifically governing participation in trading around the FX benchmarks rates; and had inadequate policies pertaining to, or sufficient oversight of, their FX traders’ use of chat rooms or other electronic messaging. 

According to the Orders, some of this conduct occurred during the same period that the Banks were on notice that the CFTC and other regulators were investigating attempts by certain banks to manipulate the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and other interest rate benchmarks. The Commission has taken enforcement action against UBS and RBS (among other banks and inter-dealer brokers) in connection with LIBOR and other interest rate benchmarks. (See information below.) 

The Orders recognize the significant cooperation of Citibank, HSBC, JPMorgan, RBS, and UBS with the CFTC during the investigation of this matter. In the UBS Order, the CFTC also recognizes that UBS was the first bank to report this misconduct to the CFTC. 

In related matters, the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued Final Notices regarding enforcement actions against the Banks and imposing collectively penalties of £1,114,918,000 (approximately $1.7 billion), and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has issued an order resolving proceedings against and requiring disgorgement from UBS AG. 

The CFTC thanks and acknowledges the invaluable assistance of the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the FCA, and FINMA. 

CFTC Division of Enforcement staff members responsible for these cases are Robert Howell, Jonathan Huth, Traci Rodriguez, Jennifer Smiley, David Terrell, Melissa Glasbrenner, Heather Johnson, Jordon Grimm, Elizabeth Streit, and Gretchen L. Lowe.

* * * * *
With these Orders, since June 2012, the CFTC has imposed penalties of over $3.34 billion on entities relating to acts of attempted manipulation, completed manipulation, and/or false reporting with respect to global benchmarks. See In re Lloyds’ Banking Group, PLC , CFTC Docket No. 14-18 (July 28, 2014)($105 million)(CFTC Press Release 6966-14); (In re RP Martin Holdings Limited and Martin Brokers (UK) Ltd., CFTC Docket No. 14-16 (May 15, 2014) ($1.2 Million penalty) (CFTC Press Release 6930-14); In re Co√∂peratieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A. (Rabobank), CFTC Docket No. 14-02, (October 29, 2013) ($475 Million penalty) (CFTC Press Release 6752-13); In re ICAP Europe Limited, CFTC Docket No. 13-38 (September 25, 2013) ($65 Million penalty) (CFTC Press Release 6708-13); In re The Royal Bank of Scotland plc and RBS Securities Japan Limited, CFTC Docket No. 13-14 (February 6, 2013) ($325 Million penalty) (CFTC Press Release 6510-13); In re UBS AG and UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd., CFTC Docket No. 13-09) (December 19, 2012) ($700 Million penalty) (CFTC Press Release 6472-12); In re Barclays PLC, Barclays Bank PLC, and Barclays Capital Inc., CFTC Docket No. 12-25 (June 27, 2012) ($200 million penalty) (CFTC Press Release 6289-12). In these actions, the CFTC ordered each institution to undertake specific steps to ensure the integrity and reliability of the benchmark interest rates.

Media Contact
Dennis Holden
HotForex Launches 0.0 Spread Account
Barely a month ago HotForex launched mouth watering bonuses, which saw new clients getting FREE $30 credit in their accounts without any deposit obligations and many other bonus. Click here to see more:

HotForex once again set a shocker recently by introducing a Zero Spread Account, targeting major currency pairs like the EURUSD and many others. 

Here's the e-mail statement from HotForex:
"Dear Client,

In the recent HotForex Survey, we asked you to tell us what you wanted us to do next. You asked and we delivered! HotForex now offers you the best spreads in the market with EURUSD starting at 0.0 PIPS!

Start trading Forex with Raw Spreads from 0.0 Pips and Zero Markups with the new HotForex Zero Spread Account!

How It Works 
With a HotForex Zero Spread Account, you know that because there are no hidden charges or fees, you will get the most competitive Forex spreads on the market 

  1. HotForex receives prices from a pool of leading liquidity providers.
  2. We pass those prices directly to you, our Client, without adding any markup.
  3. The HotForex Zero Spread Account offers a transparent commission structure with rates as low as USD 0.04 per 0.01 lots, so all you will pay is a small, fixed commission on each side of your trades.

Advantages of the HotForex Zero Account 
The HotForex Zero Spread Account offers a low minimum deposit amount of just USD 100, putting deep, institutional-grade liquidity within the reach of all traders! The account features:

  • No hidden markups
  • Raw spreads from 0 pips
  • Transparent, low-cost trading
  • Trade on Interbank Spreads
  • Competitive commission structure
  • Minimum opening deposit USD 100
  • Unlimited trade size
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Complimentary MYFX Platform for deposits over USD 2000 
  • Ideal for scalping, high-volume and automated trading"

To learn more about the features, and benefits of this offer click here then go to account types, and select Zero Spread Account

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HotForex Launches Spectacular Bonuses in October 2014
HotForex recently announced the launching of mouth watering bonuses to start in the month of October, 2014. The world acclaimed broker added that the new bonus would allow traders to increase their leverage, earn rebates or protect their accounts from drawdown. To the best of our knowledge all other existing bonus is still in operation.


100% Super Charge Bonus
Traders get to increase their leverage with a 100% Credit Bonus that can be applied to EVERY deposit of $200 to $250 or more. The maximum cumulative bonus that a trader can earn is a massive $50,000. This also includes daily CASH rebates to be earned through the trader's trading activity!*

$30 No Deposit Bonus
HotForex is offering a free $30 credit to new clients who want to experience trading in a real environment before investing their own funds. There is absolutely no obligation to deposit funds and profits can be withdrawn once the volume requirement has been met.* This simply means open an account and get it funded for FREE with $30.

Please note that terms and conditions apply*.

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HotForex Launches New WebTrader Trading Platform
HotForex recently annoucned the launching of the renewed and improved version of one of their prolific web trading platform - WebTrader
The platform which is highly customizable to trading environment comes with latest update that brings improved responsiveness and even better performance as stated by the developers. The WebTrader interface has been automatically updated, so existing users only need to login to get access to the new features (Note: If you have any issues viewing the new version, simply clear your cache).

New Features:

  • NEW - Close all: Efficiently Close All open positions by simply clicking one button.
  • NEW - Redesigned User Interface: More user friendly design to allow you to easily perform your Trade Operations

The update builds on WebTrader’s existing line-up of benefits:

  • Instant access – all you need is an internet connection.
  • No download necessary
  • Use your MT4 account login details
  • Ability to open a position in WebTrader and close the same position on the MT4 platform
  • Enhanced charting functionality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Login to WebTrader using your HotForex MT4 credentials.
Open A HotForex Account Now:

Candle Forex is offering a special discount on its Server Services between 7th and 14th July 2014. All clients that places an order for any cloud server package will get 20% off every month for the remainder of 2014.

To get this 20% discount simply enter AMORPATRIAE at the check-out.

For those that are interested or remember their Latin "AMOR PATRIAE" means "love of one's country".

Existing clients who already have a cloud server with Candle Forex can also get discounts too.


Special Bonus

Statement from Candle Forex.....

"The biggest 10 orders for any service or product before 14th July will qualify for a 1 Troy oz 999 fine silver bar at *no* cost to you. This bar will either be a highly-vaued 1983 Sharps and Pixley (with the original 1983 receipt) or a similar highly valued and collectable silver bar dated between 1971 and 1983.

There are only 10 rare bars available. Most of these silver bars are unavailable anywhere else to buy because the mint has closed or were a limited circulation. These silver bars, if your ever able to find them, usually retail for about $80 each!

Celebrate a "precious" 238 years of Independence!

Just remember to let us know where to ship your bullion, and yes we will pay for the shipping too!"


HotForex has announced the launching of the prestigious MQL Signal Services Tab on its platform.

Currently they are about 3,970 signals available for subscription in MQL Signal Services (See The Top 7 MT4  MQL's Signal Providers). 

There are very few Brokers who support the MQL Signal Services. This new innovation by HotForex would allow traders to subscribe to any of the signal services provider of their choice, and get automated placement of trades to their platforms seamlessly. 

Brief on Hotforex

HotForex is an award winning, fully regulated and licensed online Forex and commodities broker. Offers various accounts, trading software and trading tools to trade Forex and Commodities for individuals, fund managers and institutional customers. Retail, IB and White Label Clients have the opportunity to access interbank spreads and liquidity via state of the art automated trading platforms.

Headquartered in Mauritius and supported by their worldwide Customer Management Centre's, HotForex offers its clients an unparalleled trading experience with excellent multilingual support in an effort to provide its clients with every advantage possible in order to facilitate their trading activities.

HF Markets Limited, has a Category 1 Global Business License issued by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of the Republic of Mauritius under the name of HF Markets Limited Company No.: 094286/GBL; Category 1 Global Business № C110008214 License. See more...

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Benefits of HotForex
Earn twice when you, and your clients trade. Join the HotForex Affiliate Program and get up to $15 per lot commissions.

HotForex Affiliates  

Live & Demo Contests with amazing cash prizes....
HotForex Awards

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HotForex Bonus

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HotForex Tight Spread  

A smarter, safer and transparent PAMM System.
HotForex Pamm V2

and many more....

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Worst Brokers - Forexsoma, HFX, LiteForex, & 4XP

The much awaited Forexpeacearmy's 2013 Forex Broker Scam of the year was released on Friday 18th April, 2014. The FPA has a reputation for unbiased benchmark and review of Forex products and services. The yearly contest was designed to serve as a deterrent to deceitful brokers, ensure fair-play, and to keep traders informed. 

Here are the top 4 worst brokers in 2013:

Rank No 4:  (
Apart from failing to pay their client (traders) debts, this broker was known for posting fake reviews about their services, and wiping off their client accounts after assuring to place profitable trades and many more....
Rank No 3:  (
The once Forex education, signal provider, and trading systems site owned by Vahid Chaychi were accused of taking away their client funds.  At a particular time their website went down and the complaints for withdrawal issues among others increased. In no distant time their MT4 server went down and the complaints skyrocketed. Read more...

Rank No 2:  (
This broker cleverly used their terms of service to limit their clients from making legitimate profits in their trades especially with news trading. This gave them arbitrary power to impound client funds for no legitimate reasons.
Rank No 1:  (
4XP picked the worst of the worst broker in 2013. 
For the complete story of the 2013 Forex Broker Scam of the Year please click here 
Do you think you have been scammed? Submit your complaint with the FPA or contact us to assist you.

Alleged Forex Manipulation By Swiss, Britain, & US Banks
Swiss Competition Authority Opens Probe On Eight Banks For Alleged Forex Manipulation

Report on Monday 31st March, has it that the following banks: Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse, Zuercher Kantonalbank (ZKB), Barclays Bank, Citigroup, JP Morgan, UBS, and Julius Baer are on the radar of the Swiss Competition Authority probe panel for alleged collusion to manipulate exchange rates in foreign currency trades.

A crucial part of the watchdog’s examinations are to ascertain whether traders from different banks teamed up to induce currency prices, and whether they traded ahead of their own customers or failed to accurately represent to customers how they were determining the prices.

A statement credited to the Switzerland's Competition Commission WEKO, on Monday states that it had opened an investigation into the Swiss, British and U.S. banks over potential conspiracy to manipulate foreign exchange rates of which the most important exchange rates were affected. A similar preliminary investigation last October was opened by the Swiss Competition Authority after gathering facts about potential manipulation of foreign exchange markets by banks.

Previous investigations of this sort by international investigating agencies had led to huge fines to errant banks. Also last week, UBS suspended several currency traders, pending international investigations into allegations of collusion and market rigging.

In reaction to these allegations, some of the banks penciled in the statement were shocked at WEKO's action because they were not given advance notice prior to the release of these allegations to the public.

Julius Baer said an internal investigation had found no evidence of foreign exchange market abuse behavior. Credit Suisse in their reaction found the allegation as “astonishing” and further stated that WEKO's press release contained inappropriate references to Credit Suisse AG and that the claims were "inappropriate and harmful" to its reputation.

Meanwhile UBS, JP Morgan, RBS and Citigroup have not made any public statement on WEKO’s action as at the time of the release.

According to reports from Reuters, the Swiss Competition Authority would conduct the investigation by themselves without the interference or assistance of foreign authorities due to legal reasons.

If these banks are found culpable then they would like face fines up to 10% of their turnover generated in the relevant market in Switzerland over the last three years.

A major concern for Forex traders is that these banks are the custodians of client funds for major Forex brokers. Therefore a lot could be at stake for the banks and other institutions like the Forex Brokers with regards to client confidence on the Broker's Bank integrity.

StrategyQuant Software Update
StrategyQuant Releases New Version 3.5

The developers of StrategyQuant has upgraded their computer generated strategy platform to 3.5. The new release was announced on their website on 21st Feb, 2014.

A key feature of this release is its cross compatibility to generate trading strategies for the NinjaTrader Platform.

See excerpts of the new features in version 3.5:
  1. Support for Ninja Trading Platform.  
  2. An optional functionality to divide the history data to three parts - training, validation, and out of sample. This enables better control of the evolution analysis.
  3. Improved the Walk-Forward optimization speed
  4. Walk-Forward success criteria is now fully dynamic.
  5. Speed enhancements on virtually all areas of the program. Backtest now run much faster at speeds 2x - 5x.
  6. Added new indicators like Pivots, and a new conditional operator that checks if price closes above/below a given value.
  7. Fixed compatibility issues with MT4 Build 600 and 604 (NB: MT4 Build 610 was probably released after V3.5)
  8. Fixed bugs and errors in data import, strategy loading, testing, displaying results, etc.

Promo Offer celebrate the new release, StrategyQuant is offering a special 30% discount off the regular price! Offer expires 11:59:59 pm PST on Monday February 3rd, 2014.

Also see StrategyQuant's Tick Data Downloader new version 2.0

MetaQuotes Upgrades to MT4 Build 610
MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal FIX For Build 600

MetaQuotes has upgraded its previous MT4 Client Terminal Build 600 to Build 610. This upgrade, which ultimately seeks to fix certain bugs came out barely 2 weeks after the release of Build 600. The first release has been welcomed with diverse tales from traders, which most of them prefered the traditional MT4 Build 509.

According to Metaquotes, the new Build 610 has resolved the following issues:
  1. Errors sending emails from MQL4 applications.
  2. writing string arrays to a binary file.  
  3. The maximum length of the field in trailing stop placement has been increased, as well as in Stop Loss, and Take Profit modification dialogs.
  4. Improvement on the initial synchronization with a trading signal for signal services.
  5. Improved control over the time input parameter when calling CopyRates function.
  6. Improved operation of CharArrayToString and StringToCharArray functions when working with strings containing logographs (Japanese and Chinese languages).
  7. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.

See: Difference Between MT4 and MT5 Before New Build 600 & 610
Top News Trading EA
We've been carefully following user experience reviews, and we can clearly say that lots of traders are yet to come to terms with the new build especially in the programming and testing area. Interested traders who wishes to upgrade to the new build should carefully follow the current developments, and user review before upgrading to the new Build 610. 

Our question still remains the same: Is this a clever phasing away of the traditional MT4? 

Have you installed the new version? Please share your experience with everyone. Leave your comments in the article on MT4 vs MT5

Further Reading: 
  1. MetaTrader 4 Build 610 - Metaquotes Description
  2. MetaTrader 4 Build 600 - MetaQuotes Description
  3. Top 7 MT4 Forex Signal Providers
  4. 10 Difference Between MT4 & MT5 Before New Build 600

MetaQuotes Releases MT4 Build 600
With New Features, Uncertainties, Massive Changes To Affect EAs & Trading

MetaQuotes has upgraded its previous MT4 Build 509 to Build 600, which is close to an exact replica of MetaTrader 5.
MT4 Build 600, which was officially released on 3rd February, 2014 comes with massive changes that seemsto be a deliberate transition from MT4 to MT5. Traders who downloaded the new build have witnessed strange changes in the new build especially with regards to EAs, File Structure, and Development of EAs/Indicators. The new build somewhat closes the gap between MT4 and MT5, thereby making it quite difficult to differentiate.

See: Difference Between MT4 and MT5 Before New Build 600

Although MetaQuotes has assured that the key elements of MT4 Build 509 would not be affected in the new build. But only time would tell. 

Please see the following new features and likely uncertainties before you upgrade or download the new build.

New Features (Build 600):
  1. Store of trading applications has been added. This includes about 200 EAs, Indicators & other products that can be downloaded right from the platform

  2. MetaTrader Market which was only found in MT5 is now included in the new build.

  3. A unified Meta Editor Development has been created for development of EAs on MT4/5 along side with a unified compiler that automatically supports both MQL4 and MQL5 languages.

  4. EX4 codes are compatible with the new build. No need to recompile them. However some EA developers are on the edge on this.  

  5. Trade request algorithm changed in order to enable effective handling of large number of trade requests. This is achieved by an additional network connection, which has been created  into the new build unlike the previous builds.

  6. Global search has been added as well as in

  7. A new command to instantly order for MQL Applications from programmers in the job section has been added.

  8. Improved the Alert Tab. Alerts can now be displayed on charts along with several added features.

  9. Seconds timing added to improve records of opening and closing trade times. E.g 2014.02.08 10:34:45

  10. Added automatic update of the client terminal built-in user guide files similar to that in MT5.

  11. Added the ability to register for MQL5 Community Account right from the platform without going to

  12. New graphical objects like Rectangle Label, Bitmap, Button, Bitmap Label, e.t.c. has been added.

  13. More countries has been added in the Open Demo Account Section.

  14. Signal Services Improvement - option for unconditional synchronization of positions between a signal source and a subscriber's account has been added.  

  15. Lots of fixes.....

  16. USD DriveUSD Drive EA: 13 Months Live Trading Gain 63.485%,7413 pips plus on

  1. MT4's primitive language (MQL 4) has been extensively extended to MT5's programming language (C++). However MetaQuotes stated the following concerning this;
    "The changes have mostly affected MQL4 language of trading strategies, which has been seriously expanded, and its functionality has been brought closer to that of MQL5. However, there is no need to worry about the operability of the previously developed trading robots and indicators, as the runtime environment copy of the previous MQL4 version is used to maintain compatibility. Thus, old EX4 files work correctly and exactly the same way as before. - "

  2. Usual file structure has changed. This will likely affect programming syntax for some old EAs with relative paths in their codes. Although MetaQuotes has stated that the upgrade process would automatically relocate previous files (MQH, MQL, EX4) to the new file structure without any issues. However here's a caution on this as stated on MetaQuotes Website;

    "In some cases, you may need to edit the path in #property include for included files (if relative paths have changed) in the source files. Please note that MetaEditor's root directory is now \MQL4\. All programs should be located in the correct subdirectories. -"

  3. There are lots of changes in MQL4 Language in the new build. 

  4. Previous EX4 applications and DLLs based on old RateInfo format will not work in the new build 600. Conversion to the new format is required.
Top News Trading EA
Over 57 new features inclusive of fixes in the new build 600 clearly shows a determined and stylish transition of MT4 to MT5 by its makers. Previously traders had the choice of choosing between MT4, and MT5. But its not the same again.

So before you upgrade or download the new build 600 please get a copy of the documentation, and read it carefully. Although an automatic upgrade of your terminal to build 600 by your broker could take place without your consent. Therefore i advise everyone to adapt to the new changes.

The big question is: What exactly is MetaQuotes up to in the near future concerning MT4? 

Have you installed the new version? Please share your experience with everyone. Leave your comments in the article on MT4 vs MT5

Further Reading: 
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CySEC Re-emphasizes Ban On Frivolous Bonus Issued By Investment Security Firms Tied To Clients Trading

(Forex, CFDs, Futures, Options, Stocks, e.t.c)

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) issued a strong announcement on January 22nd 2014 to all Investment Firms based in Cyprus about the ban on offering bonus to clients with imposed conditions that restricts them their rights to withdrawal of their capital, profits, and bonus.

The four (4) point regulatory policies in the statement signed by the Chairwoman of the Commission - Demetra Kalogerou, are to be adhered by all Investment Firms in Cyprus forthwith.

The regulatory policy seeks the following control measures:
  1. CySEC would only permit bonuses given to clients by investment firms provided the client is able to withdraw any amount of his/her funds at any time he/she desires to do so. It is understood that in most cases, clients deposit a certain amount of money with the CIF regulated broker, which is a requirement for the bonus.

  2. However the above was not previously being adhered to by most brokers especially options brokerages who demands clients to generate a certain amount of trading activity before he/she can have access to his/her funds.

  3. Any restrictions on withdrawals in such manner currently being practiced by these brokers offering bonuses of this sort violates the Investment Services and Regulated Markets Law. In otherwords CySEC prohibits the action by brokers demanding their clients to generate trading activities to reach a certain amount of volume before they can be granted access to withdraw their funds.

  4. The third point states that these acts by brokers as mentioned in (1) and (2) above negates the underlying rules in Section 18(2)(j) of the, Law which states that a CIF, when holding funds belonging to clients must take every possible measure to safeguard clients’ rights. Also Section 36(1) of the Law, which states that CIFs must act honestly, fairly and professionally when providing investment services to their clients.

  5. Finally the Commission ended their statement by stating that all CIFs that grants monetary benefits (bonus) must give the true picture including and all information about the scheme when it is being advertised, terms and conditions, be able to separate the client's funds from the bonus (or benefits), and ensure a continuous monitoring of the scheme to make sure client's capital are not affected because of the scheme.

CySEC Statement: Granting Trading Benefits To Clients

Source: Leap Rate - CySEC Bans Bonuses Tied To Trading

Editor's Note
This is a welcome development by CySEC to reduce all forms of bonus that finally wrecks unsuspecting traders. I suggest all other regulatory bodies copy such action and adopt it.


InvestTechFX Technologies Incorporated Arrested By Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Investors Lost Millions in Forex Trading Scam

(Toronto, Ontario – December 3, 2013) - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) - GTA Financial Crime unit has charged the two directors of InvestTechFX Technologies Incorporated for allegedly defrauding investors out of millions of dollars.

InvestTechFX Technologies Incorporated (InvestTechFX) is a web-based foreign exchange trading company.  The RCMP’s investigation revealed a fraudulent scheme spanning over three continents and 10 countries, which has inflicted millions of dollars in losses for victims from around the world.  

The RCMP alleges that between January 1, 2008 and November 25, 2013, Alan ZER (48 years old) and Rony SPEKTOR (51 years old) operated their website to draw foreign exchange investors worldwide into opening trading accounts.  Investors deposited funds into the accounts believing that InvestTechFX was facilitating active trading in the foreign exchange (forex) market.  However, the investigation has revealed that InvestTechFX did not honour the client trading orders.  The funds were simply transferred into personal accounts of ZER and SPEKTOR.  Investors’ attempts to withdraw their funds were denied by InvestTechFX through allegedly false, misleading and deceitful justifications. 

On November 28, 2013, RCMP investigators executed a search warrant at an office in Toronto where the majority of the victims were enticed to transfer funds into their InvestTechFX accounts. During the search warrants, police found and seized evidence consistent with ‘boiler room’ activities.   Three individuals found working in these premises were arrested and released on a ‘Promise to Appear’ at the Toronto West Courthouse (1000 Finch Ave. West) on January 3rd, 2014.  

Warrants have been issued for the arrest of ZER and SPEKTOR, who are alleged to be the masterminds of this elaborate scheme. Their whereabouts remain unknown to police. RCMP laid ‘Informations’ on ZER and SPEKTOR at Toronto Old City Hall Courthouse (60 Queen St. West).

“Today’s frauds continue to grow more complex through the use of technology, which highlights the continued need for awareness and due diligence”, stated Superintendent Dave BELLAMY, the Officer in Charge of the RCMP GTA Financial Crime units. “We remain committed to detecting, disrupting and dismantling these types of organizations in our efforts to maintain investor confidence and protect the integrity of our economy.”

Investors who believe they have been defrauded by InvestTechFX Technologies Inc. are asked to contact the RCMP GTA Financial Crime unit at 1-855-253-7267.

The RCMP would like to thank United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA), the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China and numerous agencies in the United States for their assistance in this investigation.

Source: RCMP Press Release - Investors Lose Millions In Forex Trading Scam

Editor's Note
This firm has been on the radar of They were labeled as a Scam for long. See: ForexPeaceArmy Scam Findings - InvestTechFx. Also see: discussion thread of the scam findings againstInvestTechFx

The firm's winning of the 2011 Forex Broker Scam of Year attest to their shady deals and fraudulent schemes to their client

30% Discount on StrategyQuant or EA Wizard

StrategyQuant is glad to announce 30% price slash on its amazing products as part of its wishes for the Thanksgiving.

Use StrategyQuant to build new automated trading systems for any market or timeframe. Generate & test hundreds of strategies per hour. 

With Genetic Builder you don't need to define how exactly your new robot should work. All you have to do is to choose indicators, price values and other components you want to use in the trading strategy and Genetic Builder will do the rest. No programming or trading knowledge is required.



EA Wizard is a tool that allows anybody to create Expert Advisors for MetaTrader4, quickly, simply, without programming. StrategyQuant EA Wizard is a tool that virtually every trader needs.

You probably agree that at some point of time, almost every trader feels the need to make his own EA. Be it either to backtest his trading idea, or to automatize his manual trading, or to simply create a simple signal alert indicator.

The Offer expires 11:59:59 pm PST on Wednesday December 4th, 2013.

40% Lifetime Guarantee Discount For All VPS Hosting Plans

Statement From NextPointHost:...

Other providers might advertise a huge discount, but look closely and you'll find the promo only applies to the first month or so, then skyrockets to the "regular" price when you renew...

But, at NextPointHost, there's no bait-and-switch here — we've built our reputation on providing honest, reliable, high-performance hosting backed by our awesome team and support.

What is our GARANTEE?
We guarantee that whenever you renew your web hosting in the future, you will pay the same price as your first purchase. The price will NEVER go up.

Lifetime Guarantee comes with great discounts depending on the billing cycle: 36-month plans (-40%), 24-month plans (- 29%) and 12 month plans (-18%)

If you have been considering NextPointHost (or if you’ve been thinking about starting up a new project on our VPS hosting), this is a great time to sign up and enjoy the great prices and variety of options available at NextPointHost.

Pick a plan and sign up today!

See guides on Forex VPS:  
Top 5 Forex VPS Providers
Guide To Selecting A Forex VPS Provider
Why You Might Need A Forex VPS Service 

FXTradeCity is glad to announce the opening of its Forex Community hosted in Google Community Platform. The community allows a forum for Discussions, Questions, Articles, Offers, Competitions, Signal Services and others.

Members of our community would benefit from the wealth of information and resources from experts who share their knowledge and offers freely. Quick notifications and alerts would be delivered on your Google main page or Gmail Inbox for google email users. Android and Smartphone users would benefit a lot from this feature as you would receive information "on-the-go" anywhere anytime.

Do you have something to share? something to advertise or inform? then take advantage of our growing Forex Community targeted at like minded traders from all over the world powered by Google's Community Services.

Registration is FREE and open to all interested Forex Traders.

Want to be a member? Click here


HotForex has announced the launch of their Flex Bonus Program which includes the re-launched 100% Credit Bonus and the newly launched 30% Rescue Bonus.

The program will be made available to all HotForex clients that make new deposits as of Monday the 11th of November 2013, 10:00 GMT.

100% Credit Bonus
Doubles your trading power when making a new deposit. 

HotForex clients who utilize the 100% Credit Bonus can enjoy the following key benefits:
  • Effectively makes the Stop Out on Cash Balance (Balance excluding Credit Bonus) zero.
  • Increased Leverage.
  • Full bonus amount withdrawal under the right conditions.
30% Rescue Bonus 
Extends greater account protection during drawdown periods and can be also used as increased margin.

HotForex clients who utilize the 30% Rescue Bonus can enjoy the following key benefits: 
  • Can be used as increased leverage.
  • Can be lost so it can actually protect accounts from Margin Calls and Stop Outs during drawdown periods.
  • Effectively makes the stop out level on original balance as zero.
The bonus is applicable on all new deposits and is available for a limited time only. Terms and Conditions apply.

Just open and fund a live account on the launch date of the program in order to take advantage of this generous promotion.

Please note that Bonus Programs increase the available leverage of your trading account and may therefore increase the risk of trading.

If you have any questions contact the following dedicated customer support team on Email, Live Chat, or by telephone on +44 2033185978.


Win real fabulous prizes through virtual (DEMO) account. It is free from monetary risk for the participants but the cash prizes awaiting the winners are real! The length of each round is One (1) Month and the total Prizes per round is 3,500 USD. The number of Prize winning Places are 3 while the Initial Virtual Deposit is 100,000 USD. Click here to get more details and participate...

FXTradeCity is participating in the HotForex Demo to Real Competition for the month of November 2013.

Court Verdict: To Pay Back Over $1Billion & $100 Million Imposed Penalty

Federal Court in New York Orders MF Global Inc. to Pay over $1 Billion in Restitution to Customers of MF Global Inc.
The court’s Order also imposes a $100 million penalty on MF Global

Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) obtained a federal court consent Order against Defendant MF Global Inc. (MF Global) requiring it to pay $1.212 billion in restitution to customers of MF Global to ensure customers recover their losses sustained when MF Global failed in 2011.

The consent Order, entered on November 8, 2013 by U.S. District Court Judge Victor Marrero of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, also imposes a $100 million civil monetary penalty on MF Global, to be paid after MF Global has fully paid customers and certain other creditors entitled to priority under bankruptcy law. The Trustee for MF Global obtained permission from the bankruptcy court to pay restitution in full to customers to remedy any shortfall with funds of the MF Global general estate.

The consent Order arises out of the CFTC’s complaint, filed on June 27, 2013, charging MF Global and the other Defendants with unlawful use of customer funds (see CFTC Press Release 6626-13, June 27, 2013). In the consent Order, MF Global admits to the allegations pertaining to its liability based on the acts and omissions of its employees as set forth in the consent Order and the Complaint. The CFTC’s litigation continues against the remaining defendants: MF Global Holdings Ltd., Jon S. Corzine, and Edith O’Brien.

Gretchen Lowe, Acting Director of the CFTC’s Division of Enforcement, stated, “Division staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that 100 percent restitution be awarded to satisfy customer losses. The CFTC will continue to ensure that those who violate U.S. commodity laws and regulations designed to protect customer funds will be vigorously prosecuted.”

The CFTC’s Complaint charged MF Global, a registered Futures Commission Merchant (FCM), with violating provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC Regulations intended to protect FCM customer funds and requiring diligent supervision by registrants. Specifically, the Complaint charged that during the last week of October 2011, MF Global unlawfully used customer segregated funds to support its own proprietary operations and the operations of its affiliates. In addition to the misuse of customer funds, the Complaint alleged that MF Global (i) unlawfully failed to notify the CFTC immediately when it knew or should have known of the deficiencies in its customer accounts, (ii) made false statements in reports it filed with the CFTC that failed to show the deficits in the customer accounts, (iii) used customer funds for impermissible investments in securities that were not considered readily marketable or highly liquid in violation of CFTC regulation, and (iv) failed to diligently supervise the handling of commodity interest accounts carried by MF Global and the activities of its partners, officers, employees, and agents.

The CFTC appreciates the assistance of the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices for the Southern District of New York and the Northern District of Illinois, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.

The consent Order recognizes the cooperation of the Trustee for MF Global and requires the Trustee’s continued cooperation with the CFTC.

CFTC Division of Enforcement staff members responsible for this case are Sheila Marhamati, David W. Oakland, Chad Silverman, K. Brent Tomer, Douglas K. Yatter, Steven Ringer, Lenel Hickson, and Manal Sultan. Staff from the CFTC’s Division of Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight, Division of Clearing and Risk, and Office of Data and Technology also assisted in this matter.

Court Verdict: To Pay Back Over $17 Million & 97 Months Jail Term

Federal Court in Massachusetts Orders Lyndon Parrilla to Pay over $17 Million in Disgorgement, Restitution, and a Penalty in Forex Fraud Scheme

In a related criminal proceeding, Parrilla sentenced to 97 months in prison and ordered to pay restitution of more than $4.6 million

Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) obtained a federal court Order awarding restitution for defrauded customers, disgorgement, and a civil monetary penalty totaling more than $17 million against defendant Lyndon Parrilla, of California, in connection with an off-exchange foreign currency (forex) fraud scheme in which Parrilla and his company, Green Tree Capital (Green Tree), defrauded over 50 customers in the United States of over $4 million.

Judge Joseph L. Tauro of the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts entered the final judgment and permanent injunction Order on October 24, 2013 (see Related Link), requiring Parrilla to pay restitution of $4,197,342 to defrauded customers, disgorgement of $3,353,925, and a $10 million civil monetary penalty. The Order also imposes permanent trading and registration bans against Parrilla and prohibits him from further violations of the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) and CFTC regulations, as charged.

The Order stems from a CFTC Complaint filed on April 12, 2011, that charged Parrilla and Green Tree with fraud, misappropriation, and other CEA violations (see CFTC Press Release 6024-11). The court previously entered judgment against Green Tree on June 30, 2011.

The final judgment Order is based on the court’s findings set forth in an earlier Order, entered on September 30, 2013 (see Related Link), that finds that Parrilla and Green Tree fraudulently solicited over $4 million from at least 50 customers in the United States, from approximately October 2009 until April 2011, for the purported purpose of trading off-exchange forex contracts on a leveraged or margined basis in managed accounts.

In soliciting the funds, the Order finds that Parrilla, on behalf of Green Tree, misrepresented that Green Tree had a record of delivering consistently profitable returns when, in fact, it incurred trading losses since its inception, and almost 80 percent of customer funds was never traded or invested in any manner. In fact, according to the Order, Parrilla misappropriated over $3.3 million of customer funds to pay personal and entertainment expenses, including Las Vegas casino expenses, purchase automobiles and clothing, and ATM or cash withdrawals. To disguise these misrepresentations, trading losses, and misappropriations, Parrilla sent false Green Tree account statements to customers by email. Further, the Order finds that Parrilla misrepresented his experience and expertise, and failed to disclose that the National Futures Association (NFA) permanently barred him from NFA membership.

As a result of a parallel criminal action brought by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in November 2012, Parrilla was sentenced to, among other things, a term of 97 months imprisonment and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $4,675,156.

The CFTC appreciates the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts.

CFTC Division of Enforcement staff members responsible for this case are Alex C. Levine, David Chu, Lindsey Evans, Melissa Glasbrenner, Mary Beth Spear, Ava M. Gould, Scott Williamson, Rosemary Hollinger, and Richard B. Wagner. 


StrategyQuant is a Computer Generated Trading Strategies Platform. It's a development tool, which can be used build new automated trading systems for any market or timeframe, generate & test hundreds of strategies per hour, run robustness tests to avoid curve fitting, build-in walk-forwad optimizer and WF Matrix and many more.

They are the designers of EA Wizard, QuantStrategy EA, EA Analyzer, and Tick Downloader.

Here is an email we got recently from them stating the latest performance on their product.  

StrategyQuant News Letter:
More than a year somebody asked me to publish forward tests of some of my automatic strategies.  I published one of my accounts MyFxBook, showing real performance of whole portfolio of EAs. At that time (28th September 2012) the account was up 81%, quite an impressive result for half a year.

Right now, after another year, the portfolio is up by +520%, or in the other words the initial investment of $10.000 has now value of $62.048. Click on the image below to see the performance on MyFxBook.
This is a portfolio of 6 strategies running on 6 different currency pairs. These EAs run on demo account. Somebody might raise an objection that trading on demo account is not 100% reliable way of showing strategy performance. Yes, but it is as close to real money trading as it gets.

First of all, these EAs are not scalpers, they run on 1 Hour timeframe with fairly large SL and PT, so they are not affected that much by unreal advantages of  demo accounts (low spreads, no slippage and instant execution).

Second, of course I trade some of these strategies on my real account too. I would not let them run only on demo without making any real money.

Here's a result of QuantStrategyEA - EURUSD only strategy: +130.85% running on a real money account.
All these strategies (EAs) were automatically generated by StrategyQuant. They are a perfect case study of using mechanical learning and genetic programming in strategy development.

Note that with this approach you don't need to define the exact trading rules for your strategies; I don't even know or care what trading rules they use. They were completely designed by StrategyQuant for me, using genetic programming. My responsibility was to ensure that these strategies are really robust and that their results were not just because of chance or curve fitting.

What to learn from this

1. Take advantage of the power of compounding How can the account be +500% in less than two years? Of course, there is some luck involved, but it is mainly thanks to compounding.
Because the EAs risk money proportionally to the size of the account, they trade with more and more lots as the account grows. This further accelerates the profits.

2. Use the power of portfolio
There are 6 different strategies in the portfolio. Not all of them are in profit right now, some are even losing a little money. But when you combine multiple independent profitable strategies your account will grow faster with smoother equity curve.

3. Don't make fast decision on performanceIt takes time to see some statistically significant results. If the account is around zero or in minus after 1-3 months, it doesn't prove anything. It could be just drawdown or stagnation period, and these can last for months. My portfolio was around zero after two months and at one time it was -40%. If I'd stopped it right there it would be never able to grow to +500%.

4. Keep it simpleNo reoptimization, no interfering when strategy is losing. I haven't touched any of these strategies since the day I placed them on MetaTrader. There have been drawdowns, missed trades, duplicate trades, but in the long run it doesn't make a difference. The best approach is to simply let your strategies run and forget them, and only check yearly results - providing you trust your strategies.

Final words
This portfolio of walk-forward tested strategies shows the power of this approach to trading. With StrategyQuant you too can design your own portfolio of strategies. You don't need to be an experienced trader to design your own EA because with machine learning approach you don't define any trading rules.

There's no secret in what I'm doing, all the steps I'm using are described in the articles like this one:
If you prefer existing strategy to a tool that allows you to build many of them then QuantStrategyEA is publicly available at

Best regards and good luck in trading,
Mark Fric

Have any questions, comments or inquires about this product, tells us through our contact form.

A Veteran Forex Trader (Henry Liu - CEO Forex News Trading Academy & Founder of has published his report on how he turned $1,490.00 to $18,647.00 under 5 months.

The 11 page pdf report explains in details all you need to know on how to replicate this achievement in your trading account.

Statement from Henry Liu: "Ever since August 2012 I've been tracking a series of events that has the potential to turn the entire Forex market on its head.  So after carefully analyzing these events, I was convinced it was time to enter the market early while the trend was still at its infancy. Needless to say, after taking some rather aggressive positions on my $1490 account, I was able to turn it into $18,647, or 11X return, in just under 5 months, all thanks to Fundamental Analysis."

To get more details, proofs of account statement & this FREE report click here: Secret Fundamental Analysis Strategy

Liquid Markets has announced the reduction of its minimum initial deposit for MT4 Mini  Accounts to 500USD.

Part of the benefits of the MT4 Mini Accounts includes:
  • Competitive fixed spreads on majors starting at only 1.8 pips
  • Flexible leverage up to 1:500 and a minimum trade size of 0.01 lot
  • Earn daily interest up to 9% on your cash equity
  • Ability to use Expert Advisors
  • Access to free technical analysis and AutoChartist
  • Option to use hedging and scalping trading strategies
  • Ability to upgrade your account at any time and with no applicable upgrade fee

ForexPeaceArmy is announcing an offer from Forex Trend Console, the makers of Market Metering & Signals Package. This Forex Tool has the following primary functions:
  • Displays currency strength relative to timeframe.
  • Gives signals (BUY or SELL) from the strength of the currency.
  • You can add any Forex currency including stocks, gold, precious metals, oil and others.
This FREE Forex Tool is available for FPA Members ONLY. Offer closes by 5PM EST Monday, 2nd September, 2013.

ForexPeaceArmy is announcing an offer from New Gen Forex, the developer of FXPL EA, which has trippled its account value in the FPA Test Lab. This automated system trades every type of account and works with any broker. The 23.7% per month returns EA, is designed to trade accounts from cents to dollars.

A 14 days Free Trial Period has been extended to ONLY FPA Members. You can run a test on your demo or live account during the trial period. This is a good opportunity to test it before you buy it.

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No Risks Top Prize $5,000.00

Liquid Market is offering Forex Traders an opportunity to participate in their MT4 Top Trader Demo Competition and win up to $5,000. 

There is no fee to enter the competition. The demo account will be held in USD and you will obtain $100,000 virtual money to be used for the contest. The traders with the three highest closing balances in their demo accounts at the end of the competition will be awarded the following three prizes:

1st Place: $5,000

2nd Place: $3,000

3rd Place: $1,000

The prize amount will be credited to the winners’ Liquid Markets real trading account and all prizes are 100% withdrawable. The contest will run throughout August, starting on August 4th 2013 and finishing on August 30th 2013.

Please note: Registration for this competition ends on July 31st 2013.

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Free Two (2) Weeks Trial Offer - TRADE COPIER

FirePips one of the renowned signal services provider has announced a Free Two (2) weeks Trial Offer for its Trade Signals, which includes the FireZone Strategy, AAA Strategy & other startegies.

The new Expert Advisor relieves you from the stress of checking your email or using the Desktop App option to check for signals and updates delivered from FirePips Server. Now signals are copied right into your trading account in real time through the EA (Trade Copier). 

An average total 150-400 pips per month are generated through the FireZone Daily and 8Hr Signals. See other performance statistics here:

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Forex Signal Services Subscription

MQL Community Signal Services grows to over 8,000 Signal Services available for subscription as at July, 2013.

Subscribe to FREE and PAID Signal Services from MQL's Community Signal Services with more than 8000 Signal Services available for Subscription.

The signals are traded with Automatic Execution on your Account.

You can also earn more profits by selling your signals to thousands of subscribers hooked up with MQL. Signals are available on MT4 and MT5.

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See the Top 10 MetaTrader 4 Signals

CFTC Charges “Prediction Market” Proprietor Banc de Binary with Violating the CFTC’s Off-Exchange Options Trading Ban and Operating as an Unregistered Futures Commission Merchant

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) filed on June 5, 2013 a civil complaint in federal district court in Nevada charging Banc de Binary, Ltd. (Banc de Binary), a foreign company that held itself out as being headquartered on Wall Street, with violating the CFTC’s ban on off-exchange options trading by offering commodity option contracts to U.S. customers for trading, as well as soliciting, accepting, and confirming the execution of orders from U.S. customers. The CFTC’s complaint also charges Banc de Binary with operating as an unregistered Futures Commission Merchant (FCM).

According to the CFTC’s complaint, Banc de Binary operates an online trading website through which customers can buy or sell binary (“call” or “put”) options, predicting whether the price of a certain commodity will increase or decrease in a given time period.

Specifically, from May 2011 through March 2013, Banc de Binary operated an online trading website which allowed U.S. customers to trade options products prohibited by the CFTC’s ban on off-exchange options trading. Through its website, Banc de Binary allegedly unlawfully solicited and permitted U.S. customers to buy and sell options betting on the prices of wheat, oil, platinum, sugar, coffee, corn, foreign currency pairs, and stock indices.

Click here to read the full story of the CFTC's charge and see ForexPeaceArmy User Reviews on Binary Options. 
Release of MT4 Build 500

The new MetaTrader 4 Platform Build 500 has been released since May 1st 2013.

The new build comes with great features like:.
1. Drag and drop management of trades. i.e you can now adjust your SL or TP by dragging them directly on the chart.
2. You can now access MQL4 applications to Code Base from the terminal using drag and drop.
3. The Company's web site tab has been added in the client terminal.
4. One Click Trading and the ability to set alerts right from the charts.
5. Lots of fixes on bugs and errors especially in the trade signals operations and other areas.

For more details on the new features and how to get the latest build 500 click here

Please note that client terminals older than build 439 will be no longer supported from August 1st, 2013.
FREE EA Licenses From Forex Verified

Forex Verified is offering discount program offers up to 100% off on almost any Forex product/service you use.

Amongst the FREE offers includes:
2 Free Licenses for the Aeron EA.
1 Free License for Fx Power Signals: Conservative
and Every TFOT purchase includes the ProScalpingRobot for free.

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Drive Expert Advisor - USD Drive EA

The ForexPeaceArmy has announced an exclusive discount offer from Drive Expert Advisor the creator of USD Drive EA. This EA has been on Live and Demo Test for over 60 weeks in the ForexPeaceArmy's EA Test Lab with good performance statistics.

The robot has recorded profitable months since March 2012 according to the developers of the trend based robot. Amongst the currency pairs it trades are: EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF and GBPUSD.

The EA costs $145.00 but a 45% discount price of $80.00 has been fixed for FPA members only for a limited time. Click here to get more details, review, and technical information of this EA.

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This offer for FPA members expires on Monday, June 24th at 5 PM, New York Time.
MT4 3rd Party Application Developers Beware!!! Metaquotes has begun banning 3rd Party Developers violating it's Platform Policy.... See who gets the first hit.

MQL Community Signals