FXTradeCity is a fast growing Forex informational portal for all categories of traders. We bridge the gap between traders, and providers of Forex services & products as we constantly scan the Forex market for new products, and information that benefits traders, and at the same time connect them to the best Forex service providers.
Our outreach spans beyond our website to popular Forex Communities, and Social Media where we actively engage traders, and proffer ideas, suggestions, and solutions. This adds to our daily traffic volume, and ranking on search engines. Therefore we expect our advertisers to achieve outstanding rate of visitors to customer conversions.

Our advertising rates are the cheapest compared to other rates in Forex adverts. Ads rates are scheduled on flat/fixed duration period, and not on CPM/CPC basis. Prices are also negotiable for volume orders. Please see our advertisement disclaimer notice, and additional information beneath the price breakdown.

ADVERTISING RATES - [March 2015 - December 2015]
m: Month, q: Quarter, hy: 6 Months, y: Year
Position Size $ Price Status
Top Header (Advert 1) 728×90 250/m; 500/q; 700/hy  Available
Top Header (Advert 1) 468×60 200/m; 400/q; 600/hy Available
Top Header Custom (Advert 1) Max Width 750px
Max Height 100px
Rates apply as above Available
Right Sidebar (Advert 2A) 350×250 or 336x228 150/m; 450/q; 600/hy *Special rates for 2A & 2B combined purchase Available
Right Sidebar (Advert 2B) 350×250 or 336x228 100/m; 400/q; 500/hy *Special rates for 2A & 2B combined purchase Available
Left Sidebar (Advert 3A) 160×600 or 120x600 350/m; 800/q; 1,500/hy Available
Footer Beneath Post (Advert 4) 728×90 or 468x60 300/m; 700/q; 1,500/hy Available
Texts with Hyperlink Above (Advert 4) *unlimited characters 728×90 or 468x60 100/m; 300/q; 500/hy Available
Texts with Hyperlink (Full control of our animated rotating text bar beneath the Page Menu)
150/m; 450/q; 700/hy Available

Additional Information
  • All Ad spaces are currently available.
  • Multiple monthly purchase attracts discounts.
    • Above 3 months - 5% discount
    • Above 5 months - 10% discount
    • Above 9 months - 15% discount
  • We advise combining Ads 2A & 2B together in order to reduce conflict of ad position by different advertisers. For special cases we can allow skyscraper sizes as a single unit in place of both ad spaces for the same price.
  • Other banner positions, and their rates can be negotiated.
  • At the moment we do not have CPC/CPM ad medium.

 Mode of Payment
  • Bank Wire (other options to be added very soon)
Please be cautious of scams. Any person or company soliciting for payment or requesting to enter into any agreement for advertisement on behalf of FXTradeCity without the underlisted channels of communication should be avoided. All verification & advertisement deals should be made through our communication channels or website contact form;
  • Tel: +234-703-361-9445

Terms Of Advertisement
  • We take payment up-front for all ads. All payments are final.
  • FXTradeCity shall review all advertising materials prior to payment and initial agreement.
  • FXTradeCity will not allow prohibited Ads, and therefore shall thoroughly screen ads before first agreement, and payment. FXTradeCity reserves the sole right to accept or reject advertising materials that do not meet neccessary standards or are against ethical rules.
  • Advertiser/clients grants FXTradeCity the full permission or authorization to place advertiser's ads on FXTradeCity's website.
  • Advertiser shall assume full responsibility and liability for all advertising materials provided (photo, static/animated images, texts, audio, and any other form of advertising instruments).
  • All advertisement prices can be changed without any notice.
  • All advertisement placements are provided AS IS, and no results are guaranteed. There shall be No Refund of payment under any circumstances. However we shall put all possible machinery, and facilities in place to ensure best results for advertisers.