Top 7 MT4 Forex Signal Providers

This article reveals our newly reviewed Top 7 Forex Trading Signals from MQL's Community Signal Providers. 

NB: Real time performance widget has been added for each signal. Ranking can be frequent or often as performance changes. *(Lastest update 29th April, 2016)

MQL is the developer of the renowned Metaquotes Software Product (MetaTrader 4 and 5). They have over 5,160 closely monitored trading signals available for subscription as at April 15th 2016. The community which has one of the largest users reaching up to 500,000 plus members creates a platform that allows Forex professionals & traders to share  & sell Forex resources, as well as signal services, which are automatically executed on subscriber's MT4 account.

What's interesting is that these signals are integrated into the MT4 Platform build 500 and above, which makes it very easy to subscribe for a signal service right from the trading platform. Some signals are FREE while others require payments in monthly, weekly, and other flexible plans.

NB: If the Signal Tab is not enabled in your platform or your broker does not support it then read this tip - How to subscribe to MQL Trading Signals For Platforms That Do Not Have Signal Tab.
DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Past performance figures does not guarantee future performance results. The providers of these signal services including MQL are solely responsible for any issues that might result out of unwarranted or uncertain circumstances. Subscription to any of these signals is at your personal choice.
Here are the Top 7 Signal Providers from over 5,160 Forex  Signals in MQL Community Signal Services.

Brief Existing
A new signal takes over as the No. 1 Top Signal on our chart with a profit factor of 2.64%
The account which has over 1.3M subscriber's fund has achieved a profit level of 29,951.61 CAD
Statistics *(as at publishing time)
All-time Growth - 921.47%
Monthly Growth - 3.66%
Annual Forecast - 44.40

Max Drawdown   - 44.10%

Trades taken so far = 1059 (770 Profit Trades & 289 Loss Trades)

Active Subscribers: 473
Subscriber's Fund:  $1,300,000.00

 Price $30.00/mth


2. Q2FX
Brief Existing
Q2FX takes the second spot in our ranking, and below the 1st ten positions amongst over 5,160 signal providers in MQL Community.

No details were given about the signal provider's trading strategy on MQL's website. 
The account which has been running for more than 43 weeks has achieved a tremendous profit level of over $70,865.53 as at publishing time.

Statistics *(as at publishing time)
All-time Growth - 1,416.60%
Monthly Growth - 6.93%
Annual Forecast - 138.46%

Max Drawdown   - 10.40%
Trades taken so far = 2301 (2,042 Profit Trades & 259 Loss Trades).

Active Subscribers: 119
Subscriber's Fund:  $843,000.00
 Price $25.00/mth

Since: Sept-15
Correlation Trading takes over Magic Profit on the 3rd spot of our ranking. It is quite one of the oldest signal provider amongst the top 7 on our ranking.

Statistics on MQL website shows that the account has grown to over $122,587.41 in profits.

Statistics *(as at publishing time)
All-time Growth - 1,173.48%
Monthly Growth - 3.71%
Annual Forecast - 45.03%

Max Drawdown   - 31.83%
Trades taken so far = 3,305 (2,052 Profit Trades & 1253 Loss Trades).

Active Subscribers: 20
Subscriber's Fund:  $122,587.41

 Price $50.00/mth

Since: Mar-12

Brief Existing
On the 5th spot in our ranking is a unique signal provider running for over 128 weeks. The drawdown on the account is too high, hence mql placed a warning on this signal.
Details of the signal strategy was not stated on MQL's website. The account has made over $96,302.04 in 128 weeks. 

Statistics *(as at publishing time)
All-time Growth - 4,646.36%
Monthly Growth - 6.48%
Annual Forecast - 78.64%

Max Drawdown   - 95.10%
Trades taken so far = 537 (465 Profit Trades & 72 Loss Trades).

Active Subscribers: 52
Subscriber's Fund:  $384,000.00

    Price $100.00/mth

Since: Nov-13

Brief Existing
George Soros replaces Blitzkrieg on the 6th spot.

The signal provider has made a profit of $9,280.72

Statistics *(as at publishing time)
All-time Growth - 2,520.87%
Monthly Growth - 12.26%
Annual Forecast - 148.74%

Max Drawdown   - 43.45%
Trades taken so far = 1,245 (903 Profit Trades & 342 Loss Trades).

Active Subscribers: 37
Subscriber's Fund:  $203,000.00

   Price $20.00/mth
Since: May-15

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Brief Existing
On the 7th spot is a prolific trading signal developed by Vitaliy Boltenkov. It is a fully automated system that trades in Asian session. New trading pairs (EURCHF, EURGBP, USDJPY & USDCHF), were recently added to the list of trading pairs in the system.
The sum of $375.61 has been made as profits since the signal system started.

Statistics *(as at publishing time)
All-time Growth - 375.61%
Monthly Growth - 10.51%
Annual Forecast - 127.51%

Max Drawdown  - 18.71%
Trades taken so far = 207 (172 Profit Trades & 35 Loss Trades).

Active Subscribers: 172
Subscriber's Fund:  $165,000.00

 Price $20.00/mth

Since: Jan-16

Zero Spread Account

These are our Top 7 MT4 Signal Services Providers from MQL Community. Statistics of their performance are updated regularly so the ranking may change at any time. 

If your broker disabled the signal tab in your platform, then use this fix: How to subscribe to MQL Trading Signals For Platforms That Do Not Have Signal Tab.

Signal services runs 24/7 so we advise the use of a reliable VPS Provider in order not to miss any trade signal (See: Top 5 VPS Providers).

Interested traders who wishes to subscribe to any of these signal providers are advised to test first on a demo account  before risking real money.

MQL's Top 10

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