2015 News Trading Performance Analysis - How We Performed In 2015

Our quest to diversify our portfolio in Forex Trading led to deeper search for better trading techniques and strategies. Having tried various systems out there we ended up with News Trading. We discovered it had more opportunities for wealth creation much better than most trading strategies out there. Moreover we found it more appealing due to the obvious fact that the fundamentals is what drives the market. While fine tuning the "perfect" strategy we decided to share our results as a proof of our belief in News Trading. It's not been rosy but very promising.

Being a new strategy we decided to play safe but more competitive by trying out our research on a $100,000.00 demo contest account, which we call the Test Account. The contest, which runs every month enables the first 3 traders with the highest profit to earn a real account fully funded with funds up to $2,000.00 for the 1st winner.

Performance Analysis

Month Total Largest Gain Largest Loss %Profit
January Nil Nil Nil Nil
February $101,601.55 $930.16 $203.00 1.58%
March Margin Call Nil
Margin Call
April $210,502.81 $31,453.51 -$20,842.27 52.49%
May $242,352.62 $65,069.90 -$85,094.99 58.74%
June $507,770.84 $335,430.47 -$449,670.05 80.31%
July -$1,075.41 $55,076.87 -$179,242.24 Margin Call
August Margin Call Nil Nil Margin Call
September Margin Call Nil Nil Margin Call
October $397,099.83 $466,733.61 -$366,639.26 74.82%
October $681,283.23 $308,691.18 -$374,123.80 85.32%
December I Margin Call Nil Nil Margin Call
December II Margin Call Nil Nil Margin Call

In all we had Six (6) wins & Six (6) losses. One of the
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major reasons we had negative encounters in some of the months was because of the competitive nature of the contest account. I was under severe pressure to meet the target each month, hence I broke Money Management rules in some cases. Other primitive factors that also led to Margin Calls were extreme lot volumes, exposure to high risk events like the EURO Interest Rate Decision. 

News Trading is actually very lucrative and as well very risky. This year we intend to be more prudent, disciplined, and tactful.

Copyright: Image (Survey Form) courtesy of tiramisustudio/FreeDigitalPhotos.net