Why You Might Need A Forex VPS Service

Forex VPS service is a virtual machine platform, which
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24 hours 7 days computing resources for users to host their Forex Terminals, Expert Advisors, Signal Subscription, and other Forex Systems on the VPS in a remote server centre. This means your trading platform would be running online 24/7, and you will not miss any event or trade call for automated systems.

Obviously some Forex traders have never had it in mind to use a Forex VPS service, while some really do not know if it will be of any good to their trading success (just an extra cost to ignore......)

Not utilizing a Forex VPS service could be the missing link to your success in Forex. It could be one of the vital resources you need to supplement or improve your achievements in Forex.

This article presents reasons why you might need a Forex VPS Service.


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No. 1: You might need a VPS Service if you find yourself in the same place like Nikky.
Nikky is a trader, and a business enthusiast who have to reach out to clients located miles or kilometers away from his business location. He is always on the run to meet up
with schedules, business meetings, and at the same time squeezes out time to trade the Forex as an alternative source of income. 

Definitely Nikky would always face challenges keeping to date with Forex news release, certain trading sessions, and timely price actions due to his business trips. So a Forex VPS service would be a better choice for him.

No. 2: If you work like Shane then you'll need a VPS service.
Shane is a multi talented person who's gifted with multiple skills. She engages in home and exterior decorating services, wedding planning, consultancy, and looks after her kids. In addition to this she trades the Forex. Of course i bet she would not be able to give the best of time to these tasks equally.
She often abandons her Forex trading unknowingly to attend to these tasks, and therefore makes very little or nothing out of it. A Forex VPS solution would be of great help to her.

No. 3: If you share the same challenge like Sam then you must try out a VPS option.
Sam is a professional utility worker. He works in an offshore construction firm. More often his company projects are located in remote areas lacking good communication network. 

He works round the clock but loves to trade the Forex as an
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investment option. He is only focused on the Forex when he is on his short time vacation or during time-offs. This leaves him with little chances, and less opportunities to trade the Forex. In order for Sam to make the best out of his investment in Forex, he sought for a Forex VPS plan, and subscribed to automated systems, which he hosted in the VPS system. This improved his success in his investment on Forex, while concentrating on his job.

No.4: If you face the same restrictions like Mike then you need a Forex VPS solution
Mike is a customer relations officer in a high brow commercial bank. He has to attend to customer complaints through face to face contacts, phone, email, and all available support medium. The challenge is that most commercial banks if not all do not allow their staff to use their personal laptops while at work in the banking hall (this is more prominent in Nigeria - probably a security policy)

Also a part of the IT Security Policy in banks is that you cannot install any individual third party application on the bank's computer system. The biggest restriction again is that Mike cannot trade the Forex during working hours in the bank because this would mean "working while you are working".

Mike has a daily target to ensure zero customer complaints else his job could be on the line. Mike can only trade the Forex at the close of work when he gets home usually fatigued, and would most times meet the quiet, and dull sessions of the market. He has no other option than to utilize a VPS solution or use a very long term trading strategy.

No. 5: If you have the same level of knowledge about Forex like Brian and wish to be an investor then you might need a VPS Solution
Brian has little knowledge of the Forex but he is very interested in investing in it. Unfortunately he hasn't all the time to spare to learn adequately, and watch the market so he decides to be more of an investor than a full time trader. 

He gets the best Forex systems, subscriptions, trade managers, and hosts it on a VPS, and regularly checks the performance and growth of his account. So he has a system trading for him 24/7 on a VPS.

No. 6: If you need the same resources like Onyebuchim who manages many accounts 

Onyebuchim is a Forex trader who manages many client accounts. He also uses multiple terminals to monitor price feeds, price action, strategy tests, and trade certain EAs on other accounts. Unfortunately his computer system would not be able to handle this tasks efficiently due to the limitations, and enormous computing resources involved. 

He therefore subscribes to a Forex VPS Provider, which allows unlimited terminals, unrestricted number of expert advisors, and very good computing resources.

No. 7: If you wish to subscribe to any of our Top 7 MQL's MT4 Signal Providers 
MQL the makers of MetaTrader 4 & 5 has over 3,600 Forex Signal Services available for subscription directly through its terminal. The signal services works through an automatic execution on your account. You can subscribe to either of these signals and host them on a VPS Platform, which gives you the benefit of not losing and trade. 

See the Top 7 MQL's MT4 Signal Providers

In one way or the other we all have experienced these challenges sometimes, or worse than the examples stated above. However the gravity of the challenges differs according to your personality. Therefore not everyone would need a Forex VPS plan. 

Many traders gave up on Forex not because they had series of losses but because they had no time to concentrate on the market. So if you find yourself facing either of these challenges or worse, and you are determined to trade the Forex successfully then get a Forex VPS solution. 

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