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Welcome to our trade setups, and suggestions dedicated to the Breakthrough EA trading system, and our proprietary 40 - 50 Pips MA Combination Trading Strategy. (**News Trading Setup is now included. Please refer to the guidelines on How I Trade The News Part 1, 2 & 3)

The essence of this service is to give everyone the opportunity to share from our personal trade setups, and as well make room for others to share their experience.

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Breakthrough EA
The Breakthrough EA is one of the best complementary trendline trading tool that automatically place trades with the aid of manually drawn trendlines. This EA has great potential and very good win rates. Learn more about the Breakthrough EA.

40 - 50 Pips MA Combination Trading Strategy
This is our proprietary trading strategy, which aims at taking advantage of price action at 90% precision. The strategy reveals areas where we can set traps in the form of pending orders that will eventually give us 40 to 50 pips consistently. Learn more about the 40 - 50 Pips MA Combination Trading System.

Signals would be published in various social media (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, e.t.c.) to ensure everyone get updates for the time being. 

Please note the following:
  1. The systems should work for any broker. However our
    trades are hosted on Hotforex MT4 Build 625.
  2. There are no precise times for trade setups for both systems. We advise signing up to our data feed or any of our social media platforms to get instant updates.
  3. The signals are suggestions and are therefore offered as "USE AT YOUR OWN RISKS". Please see our risk disclaimer policy.
  4. See samples of signal format:
    • Breakthrough EA: Time, Trend, Start Candle, End Candle, TP, SL, TS. E.g 2013.03.27 12:00, Uptrend, Start Candle: draw trendline from 1.37402 to End Candle at 1.37588 or to next lower lows or to "n" candle bar where n = next bar(s) after start candle (pictures would be used to illustrate when necessary).
    • 40 - 50 Pips MA CTS: Time, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, TP, SL. E.g. 2013.03.27 12:00, Set Buy Stop @ 1.56730, TP @ 1.57130, SL @ 1.5640. Set Sell Stop @ 1.52500.................
  5. The stop loss and take profits are suggestions. You are free to adjust yours to suit your money management rules.
  6. Be cautious of economic news release prior to placing the trades. 
  7. We will be using the chatting application below for discussions, sharing trade results, and collaboration.We welcome your feedback, ideas, and suggestions.

Instruction: Click on Set Name at the bottom right of chat app to Log in. You can import your avatar.

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