BreakThrough Expert Advisor - Personal Review

This is a personal review of my experience with the BreakThrough Expert Advisor. Interested users are advised to carryout their personal test with this EA before using it.

This article is not a solicitation to use this EA. The writer and this website shall not be held liable for any performance beyond the expected results of the EA. Please read our risk disclaimer notice, and privacy policy.

The BreakThrough EA was designed by greg18 (username on Codebase Forum - See Profile). It has the ability to automatically place trades with the aid of trendlines drawn on the chart by the user. Trades are placed by the EA when the trendline criteria is met.

See further description of the BreakThrough EA

My first experience with this EA was amazing. I love trading the trend because there are higher success rates if you are able to trade the right trend. I designed a unique Moving Average System, which i supplement with Support & Resistance tools to trade the trend. I also love trading breakout systems. So this EA supplements my efforts by automatically placing trades through the trendlines drawn on my chart.

Here are some of the trades the EA placed and won.

1. AUDUSD 30M - 30th Sept, 2013 (10:00 AM EST) - 10 Lots = $880.00. The EA placed the trade after price cut above the down trendline.

2. EURUSD 30M - 30th Sept, 2013 (10 Lots - $5,250.00)

These are the two trades the EA has placed so far through the trendlines i drew on the chart.


  1. Very good for trend trading strategies.
  2. You do not need to watch the chart all the time waiting for a breakout on the trendline before placing your trades.
  3. Supplements trend trading systems.
  4. Precise and accurate entry.
  5. Works in all trend situations.
  1. You need to remove old trendlines from the chart else when price repeats such areas it might place orders unknowingly. (I am yet to verify this)
  2. Not for everyone. You must know how to draw trendlines because the EA thrives on it to place trades.
See our Forex Resources Page for links to Forex Strategies where you can get resources on trendline trading systems.

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