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  • New!!! HotForex Traders Copy Program
     Joining Forces to Master the Market

    HotForex Copy Program is a great tool which allows traders to join forces with each other to try and master the markets. Individuals can create trading strategies, taking up the role of a Strategy Provider, or copy trades as a Follower without needing to actually trade or to closely follow the market ups and downs. 

    As a Follower you can sign up under any of the Strategy Providers and follow any strategy you wish. You can access your own account to monitor the trading, close positions, withdraw profits, set Rescue Level and the Volume Allocation percentage, and more. 
     Signup for HFCopy

    As a Strategy Provider you can open an account with HotForex, then create a profile to demonstrate your technique - and eventually your results, start accepting Followers, and get rewarded based on the agreed performance fees, given that this performance is positive. 


    Stay updated on how Strategy Providers with updated records of their performance. Choose the one you prefer by comparing between their gains, maximum drawdown level, how many Followers they have attracted, or their stability score.

    Find the Strategy Provider that will help you reach your goals today! For more information see HFCopy Program