Interesting Facts About TradingFXVPS

The demand for Forex VPS services has somewhat increased over the years owing to the growing desire by traders who utilize trading systems that require 24/7 operations on the market.

7th March, 2016 [Two new additional VPS Plan has been added increasing it to Five (5) VPS plans, while prices where also reviewed accross board to fit all categories of users. See our VPS ranking table for more details.]

The importance of a VPS in Forex trading cannot be overemphasized most especially for busy traders, and investors who do not have the time to sit on their PCs 24/7 monitoring the market when they have an EA or indicator that can do it automatically.
In order to present the best VPS providers we decided to review our Top 5 VPS Providers, and then we came across TradingFXVPS, which has taken the 2nd spot on the ranking table.


Hardware - How Efficient & Powerful?
While most VPS providers boast of a robust hardware architechture, TradingFXVPS hardware comes from a well known leader in Server Technology - HP and IBM. When it comes to server technology, these manufacturers are well known for powerful, high-end server products. 
According to the VPS provider, their servers is equipped with SSD RAID10 disk array built on high-speed SAS and SSD drives, which offers high-speed access to information with 10-20 times faster than most hosting providers using SATA drives. This guarantees protection of data in case of hard drive failure.

When it comes to VPS efficiency the administration of virtualization matters a lot. An interesting finding here is that TradingFXVPS utilizes KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine).

KVM is a virtualization infrastructure for the Linux kernel that turns it into a hypervisor (i.e. a virtual machine manager, that allows multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host inclusive of its resources). This technology also makes it impossible to provision VPS beyond capacity.

Data Center - Proximity to Broker, & Latency
It is quite interesting to note that TradingFXVPS is one the 
providers that has a considerable data center spread across Two (2) major continents & Four (4) countries (London, US, Frankfurt & Amsterdam). This is extremely important when we consider latency between the Broker and the VPS (latency is the amount of time a message takes to travel a computer network. it is an expression of how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another). Another interesting fact here is that the locations of the data center seems strategically positioned to meet nearly all the major brokers and liquidity providers. Visit website to check Broker Latency table for a list of 125 Brokers.

Platform - Generic? Customized? Proprietary?
It's quite interesting to note that they somewhat accept virtually all the known trading platforms such as cTrader, jForex, MT4, MT5, TradeStation, & NinjaTrader. This is fantastic.

Cost - Affordable? Price vs Quality!!!
All has sounded very interesting so far. However one last thing on every trader's mind is - How Much Is This Going To Cost Me??? 
TradingFXVPS seems to be a bit costlier than the VPS providers on our ranking list. However the hardware features are much better in terms of resource quantity & value. So the prices seems to match their product value. For instance the $250 plan gives you a higher memory allocation of about 16GB, which is almost 4 or 5 times more than what you get on other higher plans for the other VPS. The second highest plan by another VPS provider is around $249 which gives you about 10GB memory allocation. So it is apparent that their prices are considerate with regards to the value of their products. See comparisons in our Top 5 VPS Providers - 2016 or visit website to see detailed plans and cost breakdown.

Benefits - Return Policy, Bonus, Freebies???
A 30 day money back guarantee is available for all plans. Also every yearly subscription on any plan comes with additional FREE 2 months and a percentage discount for yearly subscription.

In summary, TradingFXVPS state-of-the-art technology has given traders all they need to enjoy the benefits of utilizing the full capacity of their trading systems (EAs, Signals, e.t.c.), which will improve revenue for them.

We welcome your thoughts, comments, experience with them, or suggestions about TradingFXVPS.

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