How To Deploy or Remove MetaTrader Platform on Forex VPS Server

This guide illustrates a step by step guide on how to deploy or remove MetaTrader platform into your Forex VPS Server. The first part of this guide explains the steps on deploying a new trading platform (MT4, MT5, Trade Station, e.t.c.) via FTP. In the second part we will explain how to remove Meta Trader platform via FTP and via Remote Desktop Connection.

In this article we will be using NextPointHost (Forex VPS Provider) as our sample VPS Provider to show you how to deploy MetaTrader instance from your local computer including all your EAs and settings. 
For example we will use FxPro MetaTrader with one Expert Advisor Forex GrowthBot Basic installed on your local computer. Steps for all other MetaTraders and Expert Advisors are the same.
Step 1
Open FileZilla ftp client on your local PC if you haven't already installed FileZilla you can download from here 


Step 2
In the upper left panel navigate to installation folder of your MetaTrader software. In our example this software is FxPro MetaTrader. Steps for all other MetaTraders are the same. Default location for installation on all 32 bit versions of Windows is C:\Program Files on 64 bit version of windows this location is C:\Program Files (x86)

Step 3
Connect to your VPS Server with the provided access details in your welcome email.'t miss any trading opportunity. Is this possible? Yes... Host your EAs, Signal Services, & Trading Systems on a Forex VPS, and trade 24/7 from anywhere anytime. 

Step 4
In right-hand side down panel navigate to Program Files (x86) directory and double click on it:

Step 5
Copy the directory of your MetaTrader platform from your local PC to your Forex VPS. If your EAs have additional directories copy them too. In our example expert advisor Forex GrowthBot have such directory, but usually most of experts haven't additional directories.

Step 6
Connect to your Forex VPS via remote desktop connection with the provided access details in your welcome email.

Step 7
Go to Start menu (open your personal folder on start menu i.e. your name)

Step 8
Double click on Program Files (x86) directory to open it.

Step 9
Double click on your Meta Trader directory. In our example this directory is FxPro MetaTrader

Step 10
Find the file terminal.exe. Right click it and select Copy from the popup menu

Step 11
Go to your Forex VPS Desktop. Right click the desktop and select paste shortcut from the menu to place a shortcut of the terminal.exe file you copied in Step 10

Step 12
Finally you can rename this shortcut to any name you prefer. In our example we renamed the shortcut to FxPro Metatrader. You can start your MetaTrader Terminal.

In this example we will remove the pre-installed MetaTrader 4 software through these easy steps.

Step 1
Go to your local computer and open ftp connection to your Forex VPS with FileZilla ftp client.

Step 2
In the right panel navigate to Program Files (x86) directory on your VPS.

Step 3
Select the installation directory of the terminal, which you want to remove. In our example this is MetaTrader 4. Steps for all other terminals are the same .

Step 4
Right click the selected directory and click Delete


Step 1
Go to your Local PC, and open Remote Desktop Connection program. You'll need this program to connect to your Forex VPS.

Step 2
Go to Start Menu (open your personal folder on start menu i.e. your name)

Step 3
Double click on Program Files (x86) directory

Step 4
Select your Meta Trader directory you want to delete. In our example this directory is FxPro Meta Trader

Step 5
Right click the selected directory and click the Delete option from the popup menu.

Editor's Note 
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Top 8 News Trading EA & Software Applications

Latest Update: 25th April, 2016 (NB: The ranking has been updated to reflect the current performance of news trading EAs & systems. Two new products has been added to the ranking list.)
Forex News Trading accounts for one of the most profitable trading methods in Forex due to its precise, and near definite outcome. An unquestionable fact is that it is the fundamentals that drives the market, e.g Jan 2015 Swiss Franc Cap-off Episode. The huge prospect for additional gains in news trading has ushered in special news trading applications with fantastic trade logic that enables semi-automatic and full-automatic news trading systems. This article reveals the NEW Top 8 News Trading Systems (EAs & Applications) in the Forex Market.
NB: We conducted deep investigation into some of these News Trading Systems and took into consideration; speed, accuracy, profitability, proven performance track records, and affordability as part of the rating criteria.

This article does not serve as a recommendation to purchase any of the news trading systems listed here. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Please see our risk disclaimer notice, and be guided.


New Updates: No new updates since the release of this EA, except for special settings pack designed to optimize more profits.

The Quantina Intelligence News Trader was developed by the "Quantina Intelligence Ltd./Forex Research Lab. The EA, which has been successful since its launch is fast gaining huge reputation for itself, and is also becoming very famous in the world of Forex news trading.

The latest version comes with better functionality and better returns for subscribers. The Lite version has been removed by the developers with its features collapsed into the Ultimate Version.

Features (**added functionality v.3.1)
  • ** Automated Major Currency Selection

  • ** Runs on one chart - No need to open multiple charts

  • ** Faster execution - Reduced internet usage

  • ** Simplified settingsMore easier to use with
    reduced input list.

  • ** ECN/STP enabled

  • ** Spread tracking/Trade Management system: After trade is triggered, EA automatically tracks it calculating with actual spread and slips (version 2015 v3.1 and above) and setting the Safety Net to the first profitable position (BreakEvenPips). 

  • ** Downloadable multiple trading strategies (set files)

  • Advanced Forex News Filter - You can filter the news events by Country and/or News Importance.
  • Automatic News Event Download - You do not need to search news events on many Economic Calendar around the internet. There is an in-built automatic news search into the EA and it can set itself (News Event Date, and Time) automatically.
  • Profit Protection System - If the market is turned back before you reach the Take-Profit value, the EA can recognize that and close the position at positive profit.
  • High Spread Protection System - To protect accounts from brokers that hunts stop loss.
  • Advanced Money Management System & 100% Automated

Platform:        All MT4 Accounts
Broker:           All Brokers (*Recommended Broker - HotForex & Pepperstone)
News Source:  Built-In & Server based
Mode:              Automatic & Manual
VPS:                Yes (see VPS Recommendation)
License:          £-Paid
Reward Point: Yes 
More Info:       Visit Website


Promotional offers are still available for a limited time. For more information  click here: Quantina News Trader EA 2015 Promotional Offer

This is one of the best FREE News Trading EA developed by a prolific Forex Trader (Henry Liu) the founder of Currency News, News, and Mastermind Mentoring System. However we still cannot fully ascertain the statistic of its usage presently. 

CNT EA downloads the weekly calendar from Henry Liu's source server automatically, then places 2 trades by selecting the best currency pairs to trade with just seconds before the news schedule, effectively straddling the market in order to capture the entire move during high impact news.

  • 100% Automatic
  • Integrated Currency Strength Meter - This is the core platform that helps decide which currency is best to trade with in relation to the expected news outcome.
  • A standard performance page showing broker by broker performance of the EA. This helps to decide which broker is more news friendly.
  • Trailing Stop Functions
  • Ability to exclude pairs
  • Adjustable account management and fixed lot size

Platform:       All MT4 Accounts
Broker:          All Brokers - See broker performance
News Source: From source server
Mode:             EA
VPS:               Yes
License:   FREE (Requires registration for license authentication) 
Reward Point: No
More Info:      Visit Website 

The CNT EA is rated 2nd due to its design, free cost, and direct support from its renowned developer, who is highly respected in the Forex industry. A news trading room is also available for traders who wishes to have live and direct trading experience during news release.
Dont Miss Out On News Trading Event - Trade 24/7 With A Reliable VPS makers of the renowed Quantina News Trader Ultimate EA came out with an interesting news trading expert advisor which caught our attention due to its unique features. The Quantina After News Trader EA 2016 which ranks 3rd on our list performs exactly what the name stands for

How It Works
After news release and impact, the EA will wait until the end of the timeframe before it enters the market. The EA observes the candle of a scheduled news event and open trades in the same and/or opposite trend direction beginning of the very next candle. Depending on the size of impact and direction, it will track and secure your executed order with BreakEven method and Trailing Stop as usual in Quantina Expert Advisors.

Next Candle for after forex news trading
News event at 15:00 server time
Observed candle was a Bearish candle; in that case, the EA opened a Sell (short) trade at the next candle at 16:00. (TimeFrame is H1). Then closed the trade using Break Even and Trailing Stop method with some profit

The EA utilizes a revolutionary trading strategy during news event time, trading just a few minutes after the news data is released, as it opens trades 1 Minute to 1 Hour later after the economic news data is released. This protects your trades from high spread or huge slippage and also latency issues.

One observable action that occurs in most news release is price/market reversion. This is very common and this is where the EA takes advantage by getting into the market at such times. A combination of the Quantina News Trader Ultimate EA & the After News Trader EA gives you a better chance at both sides of the event. 
Opposite trade direction forex news trader
Example of an Opposite Trade direction Screenshot: EUR/USD H1 
News Event: Medium Impact at 07:15a.m. (server time)
Opposite Trade Direction = true
Observed Candle was Bullish. In that case EA will open an opposite trade direction = Sell (short) trade instead of buy trade. Opposite trade direction is recommended for medium impact of news events.

1. 4/5 digit platform supported automatically
2. Real ECN / STP account type compatible
3. Latest MT4 build 950+ compatible
4. Advanced Break Even Method (Trigger + Lock)
5. Opposite Trade Direction for medium impacts
6. Trail before break even available
7. Separated Buy and Sell Order Distance
8. Intelligent Money Manager (Calculated with Stop-Loss)
9. High Spread Protection
10. Settings can be used in PIPS or in Points
11. Stealth Mode Function to protect your account       All MT4 Accounts
Broker:         All Brokers (*Recommended Broker - HotForex & Pepperstone)
News Source: From source server
Mode:            EA
VPS:              Yes
Price:            £90.00
Reward Point: Yes
More Info:      Visit Website 

Promotional offers are available for a limited time. Contact us
Coming on the 4th spot is Quantina Straddle Trader EA - another product from the makers of Quantina News Trader Ultimate EA. 

The Quantina Straddle Trader EA uses a unique trading method based on every single tick to check every single price movements on the market without bothering your broker server. In less than 1 second over 20 ticks data can be received from your Broker. With this method Quantina Straddle trading expert advisor can be the most precise and highly accurate trading system in your side.

How It Works
The EA sets two opposite direction of pending orders just a few minutes before the news released. (BuyStop & SellStop)

When the market reacts to the news release, and moves in the direction of the impact either long or short, one of the pending orders get triggered. The EA tracks, and secure the executed order with BreakEven Method and Trailing Stop to win a few pips profit.

1. Latency-, Spread and Speed Meter​
2. Unique Algorithm for Pending Orders
3. Advanced Break Even Method (Trigger + Lock)
4. Separated Buy and Sell Order Distance   

5. Settings are in PIPS or in Points
6. Stealth Mode Function to protect your account
7. 4-5 digit platform supported and determined automatically
8. Real ECN / STP account type compatible
9. MT4 build 910+ full compatible
10. Possible to trail before break even
11. Intelligent Money Manager (Calculated with Stop-Loss)
12. High Spread Protection System
Platform:       All MT4 Accounts
Broker:         All Brokers (*Recommended Broker - HotForex & Pepperstone)
News Source: From source server
Mode:            EA
VPS:              Yes
Price:            £19.00
Reward Point: Yes
More Info:      Visit Website 

Promotional offers are available for a limited time. Contact us

Top #5. Secret News Weapon
New updates: No new updates

Secret News Weapon makes it easy to capture economic news releases in the format you will find most useful. Whether you prefer to spike trade or after spike trade, either way, this is what you need. It works on nearly all trading platforms and any trade-able instruments that react to economic news such as Forex, FX Futures, Indices, Metals, Oil, e.t.c.

It is one of the most popular auto click news trading software out there that fits its price. It comes in three main versions (Elite, Professional, and Lite), which suits diverse budgets, and experience level.

See a comparison table of the available verisons

SNW EliteSNW Professional**SNW Enterprise
User Level
Spike Trading
Reports per Month
Multi Report Resolution Technology
Multilevel Triggers
Yes (3)Yes (2)Yes (3)
Mouse Clicks
Multiple Report Visibility
Simultaneous Report Trading
Available Report Data
Forecast, Previous,
Actual, Deviation,
Forecast, Previous,
Actual, Deviation,
Forecast, Previous, 
Actual, Deviation, 
Report Types
Major and MinorMajor and MinorMajor and Minor
Trigger Auto load
Historic RecallPublished TriggersHistoric Recall
Audible Signals
Monthly subscription fee
30 day free trial,
$499 a month thereafter
30 day free trial,
$299 a month thereafter
$1299 first month $1299 a month thereafter
One-time activation fee

Platform:       All MT4 Accounts
Broker:          All Brokers
News Source: In-Built Calendar, Custom
Mode:            Client App
VPS:               Yes
License:       Paid. 30 Day Trial Evaluation is available for only Professional and Elite versions.

NB: SNW do not offer services to West African Countries. There is a free Signals Services offered by the makers of this product. 

FX News Alert is a FREE standalone software application that offers signals, currency strength, and news events. It comes in the form of a trading desktop application for Windows, that shows Forex news events, and sounds an alarm for upcoming calendar events. Extra functionality allows you to stream prices from your Metatrader (MT4) terminal, so you can analyse prices using visual tools like support/resistance, heatmaps,  currency strength momentum line graphs or pie charts. 

A news alert widget, which can be used for RSS breaking news feeds or forum posts from Forex Factory is also available .

  • Support/Resistance Chart
  • Momentum Charts - enables selection of momentum start, so you can see sentiment from day open through to year open.
  • Simple graphics user interface
  • News Strength Heatmap - widget analyses all the weekly news events and shows which currencies are affected the most.
  • Profile Manager
  • Supports Binary Options
  • Weekend analysis can be done ahead of the market open.
  • Screenshots - ability to take a snapshot of your workspace and add annotations to build up a trading journal or share your trading thoughts with clients & friends.

Platform:       All MT4 Accounts
Broker:          All Brokers
News Source: Trading Platform News Feed
Mode:            Desktop App
VPS:               No need
License:         FREE. User authentication is required

Top #7. Beat The News
Beat the News is a client application software that provides you with a multi-platform autoclick system that is integrated with the client software to take less than 1ms between click and click. Think of it like a super fast application that triggers the BUY and SELL buttons at the speed of light thereby giving you the opportunity to trade news spikes.

  • Multi-platform auto click in less than 1ms.
  • Built-in EA for MT4 - An option of using the client application manually or allowing the EA to handle the trades. The integrated EA for MT4 incorporates the existing algorithmic platform by entering the trading values into your terminals, even before you can see the trading signal.
  • Multiple terminals
  • Live trading module with suggestions - Included in the client, is a trading module that is available at all times while you are trading. You never lose sight of your work. This module offers pre-set trading suggestions for high-impact events. It can also be configured for any event that interests you. At the time of the release, the system will tell you how to trade.

Platform:     All MT4 Accounts
Broker:        All Brokers
News Source: MT4 News Feed, In-Built
Mode:          Client App & EA
VPS:             Not statediscount
License:       Free BTN Client (requires account registration)

Don't Miss Any News Event - Get Up To 25% Additional Lifetime Discount - Rest While Your EA Works

New Update: FXPulse 3.0 has been upgraded to version 4.0

FX Pulse 4.0 now comes with better functionality and language support. The indicator is a truly unique economic calendar for Meta Trader 4. It helps you to make more informed and better trading decisions as it provides real time news directly on your chart.

  • Displays real time economic news on your chart
  • News in your language.
  • Fast news stream
  • Filters and alerts
Platform:        All MT4 Accounts
Broker:           All Brokers
News Source: In-Built
Mode:             Indicator
VPS:               Not stated
License:         Free 
Download:      FXPulse 4.0

These are the Top 8 News Trading Expert Advisers, and Software Applications you can bet your investments on. While there are other EAs and Client App of this nature out there, these 6 stands out in terms of efficiency, popularity, and productivity.

One perfect news traded successfully is worth the cost. Do not trade the news without any of these.

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2. Why You Might Need A Forex VPS Service
3. Guide To Selecting A Forex VPS Provider
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