Trading Tip #1: How to Make 40-50 pips Consistently with MA Combinations

I want to show you a method of making at least a minimum of 40 to 50 pips and above consistently through a unique combination of Moving Average Indicators. This trick has worked for me 90% consistently. 

Skip the nitty gritty and go straight to the summary tips

Before I explain how it works I’ll show you some proofs. 

SCENE 1: – Pending BUY order at 1.55724 and Pending SELL order at 1.55243. Take Profit at 1.54585. 

See what happens next below: 

Price breaks the sell pending order at 1.55243 and made more than the minimum 40 to 50 pips. 

SCENE 2: – Pending BUY order at 96.950 and Pending SELL order at 96.395. Take Profit (BUY) at 97.965. 
Once again price breaks the BUY Pending Order at 96.950 and makes over 40 pips plus. 

SCENE 3: BUY Pending Order @150.450, SELL Pending Order @149.735 & Take Profit @151.640. Got more than the 40 to 50 pips when price broke the BUY pending order @150.450. 

What if you knew a particular place or location that something must occur irrespective of the circumstances? What if you had a tool that can tell you exactly where this place or location is? If you knew and had such a tool I bet you’ll definitely reap a lot of fortunes from it. Now imagine you knew a certain area in the market where something must occur apart from the news release! Also imagine you had a tool that would not only inform you of that place but also help you to take advantage from it. This is what this system is all about.
Strategy Simulation Tool
This system shows you a particular area in the market where a reaction MUST OCCUR SOONER OR LATER. Having studied the market for many years, I discovered certain places or locations where price MUST react either to the BUY or SELL area. The big deal here is that no matter what happens, when price gets to that location or area it must react. The good thing is that this system helps you take advantage of the reaction to your gain. The system thrives on the following market state; sideways, still, horizontal, and undecided state. All you need to do is wait for the system to show you when price has entered this state, and then you set the trap with pending orders, and wait for a reaction, which would always turn out to your favour. 

The system works similar to the breakout method only that it uses the moving average indicators for its breakout mechanism. When price gets to the decisive moving average indicator it is 95% likely that a reaction would occur. 

SETUP (M30 Chart) 

INDICATORS: 200 SMA (Thick black line), 26 EMA (Red line), 10 SMA (Green Line), *RVI (Optional)

CHART: 30 Minutes chart is recommended but you can explore other timeframes. 

PROFIT TARGET: 40 to 50 Pips. This can be extended but not more than 100 pips at a trade. If you want to extend the profit range then contact me for My Advanced Method. 

  • Open any chart and place a 200SMA (apply to close) on the chart. Format the indicator to be bolder than the rest indicators. 
  • Place a 26EMA and 10SMA (apply them to close price). The 26EMA should be in red color and 10SMA should be in blue color (you’re free to use your choice of color). The 26EMA and 10SMA are not too important but they serve as a guide to extend the profits beyond 50 pips.
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Step 1
When price gets close to the 200SMA be very watchful. The 200SMA is very good at dividing the BUY Region from the SELL Region. When price crosses over the 200SMA it means a trend in that direction of the cross would last for a very long time ranging from days, weeks, and months before an opposite cross would occur. So when price gets closer to the 200SMA, it is 99% likely that a major shift or reversal would occur (this is the reaction). Sometimes a shift occurs and most times it reverses and continues in the previous trend direction. We lay the trap with our BUY and SELL pending orders when price is getting close or moving along like a channel within the 200SMA line or crawling in between the 200SMA line in a sideways pattern. We set the within this area because a definite action MUST OCCUR SOONER OR LATER (i.e. price must break out from the 200SMA line and continue or form a new trend). 

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You can liken the 200SMA indicator to the resistance and support line. Now go back to your chart plot a 200SMA indicator and watch how price behaves when it hovers around it or gets close to it. You’ll see that it either crosses over it and forms a new trend or bounces back and continues its former trend. 

Step 2: 
Plot your 26EMA and 10SMA. They are more useful for the advanced method. When both indicators cross over the 200SMA line it means a very strong trend would occur in that direction. 

Step 3: 
Market is never static all the time so watch out for price getting close to the 200SMA indicator. When price is closely approaching or has approached or is resting on the 200SMA line then set pending orders either 5 pips away from price or a bit higher or lower than the 200SMA line. See illustration below. 

Looking at the circle in the picture above, price approaches the 200SMA, crosses below it but doesn’t go further and then goes back again to the 200SMA, hovers around it, and looks indecisive in regards to the next direction it should take. Looking closely again you’ll notice that price is HOVERING BETWEEN 1.53515 and 1.53355. You can see that price seems to have bounced from the 200SMA several times and has not broken out of it to a definite direction. The system here has clearly informed us of a price trap, which is what we need to place our order. 

The chart below illustrates were we place the BUY STOP & SELL STOP pending orders. 

The orders should be placed in such a manner that price is safely trapped inside both orders waiting for a breakout to occur. The green star at 1.53835 indicates a place where the BUY pending order should be set. It is in a safe distance but will reduce our potential to make the minimum gain. The green star close to 1.53675 is another better position to set the BUY pending order. Either position is okay for the BUY pending order. The red star at 1.53355 is the best position to set the SELL pending order. 

CAUTION: The pending should be modified as the market progresses. The essence is to keep price trapped within the order and the 200SMA. Always set the pending orders under or above the highest or lowest candle. Take Profit should be within 40 to 50 pips on both sides. Stop Loss should be above or below the opposite 200SMA line. 

Let’s see more examples of how to setup the system; 

Looking at the chart above, price approaches the 200SMA, crawls around it showing no sign of breaking through the 200SMA line, and hovers between 96.700 and 96.395. This is a trap. We set pending orders at this area where price is crawling along the 200SMA and wait for an eventual breakout. Few hours later, price finally breaks out of the trap, hits the BUY pending order and goes further than the minimum 50 pips. 

Let’s see another example. 

There are three circles labeled with alphabets A, B, & C indicating where the system gave us signals to trade. Price started crawling or moving sideways from the bigger circle A and showed intensity in circle B. Circle B is the best area to place pending orders because the candles crossed the 200SMA line a bit and remained indecisive. 

Don’t forget that the pending orders must be placed a little
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above the highest candle or below the lowest candle wick. This keeps price in a trap waiting for a breakout. Remember a reaction must always occur when price gets to the 200SMA line. It will either cross over or reverse. In this case, price reversed and broke the BUY pending order leaving us with some very good pips. The same thing happened in circle C. Price broke out from the 200SMA line and went finally went downwards after series of crawling along the 200SMA line. 

HotForex 50% BonusWe have observed after years of studying the Forex Market that price MUST REACT AT A CERTAIN PLACE IRRESPECTIVE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES (i.e. when price gets to this location it MUST either move ahead, crossover or reverse 40 to 50 pips minimum). 

Our system helps to detect this location and take advantage of them. See the steps on how to setup the system and trade with it.
  1. Setup the indicators (200SMA, 26EMA, 10SMA, RVI) on any 30 minutes chart. The other indicators except the 200SMA is less important. You can experiment other timeframes.

  2. Watch for the following price patterns before placing pending orders. The system will help you detect these patterns.

    1. Price (candles) gets to the 200SMA line, crawls around it, or moves in a sideways pattern on the 200SMA line, or crosses the 200SMA line but forms a resistance and support formation on the 200SMA line looking indecisive of the next direction. (see illustration below)

    2. The pattern should be consistent for at least 4 to 5 candles or time duration.

  3. Place a buy and sell pending order when the above pattern occurs within the 200SMA line. Place them in these forms:
    1. Place a BUY STOP pending order at the highest high candle within the pattern formation.

    2. At the same time place a SELL STOP pending order at the lowest low candle within the pattern formation.

    3. Ensure that your pending orders somewhat keeps price in a narrow channel, which we call the "Trap". It is 100% likely that price must breakout from this "Trap"

  4. Take profit should be minimum of 40 to 50 pips on both sides. Stop loss should be based on your Money Management Rules. It's recommended that the SL should be above or below the 200SMA line.

  5. The system can be traded on any chart, session, and duration.

  6. For the advanced system (over 50 pips settings) contact me
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10 Differences Between MT4 and MT5 Trading Platform

(Edited 10th May 2018 - NB: See comments for latest information and updates on this topic)
Lately there's been a lot of new development in Metaquotes since we published this article. We have made some few adjustments about the current realities on the difference between MT4 & MT5 Trading Platform. As at May 2018 the latest build of MT4 is 1090 released 19th May 2017. The latest build for MT5 is 1755, while the new build for Android Phone is 1372 for MT5 & 1122 for MT4. Also the web platform for MT5 was officially released in July, 2016.

Metaquote's desire to improve Forex trading experience led to the design of MT5. The 1.1 million lines of code trading platform has some new & unique features when compared to the MT4 platform, which was designed with over 0.6 Million lines of codes. It took MQL approximately 3 years plus to conclude it's first design of MT5, while MT4 took 40 months to conclude its first design.

Results from the poll at the end of this article proves our assertion that most Forex traders still prefer MT4. (MT4 or MT5, which do you prefer? - See Polls at the end of the article.)

There are still some distinct differences between both platforms, despite the series of updates on MT4 and some improvements on MT5. We wish to present as much as possible a clear view of both platforms, and probably give you a change of mind to migrate to MT5 or remain with MT4.


1 Installation Still simple and straightforward. Broker server address required during account opening during installation.  
*New: Opening of accounts now much simpler in Build 970 upwards. Broker host address & other details for registering a broker can now be manually done.
Nothing has changed recently. Metaquotes trading server now included as a default in the opening account phase of the installation. Ability to add new server from MT5 for a demo account included. Web installer also available
2 Charts/ Timeframe 9 Timeframes 21 Timeframes from M1, M2, M3,.. M10,...M20,..., to monthly & yearly timeframes. Unlimited number of charts. 100 charts can be opened at a time. Trading from tick chart is now available.
3 Fundamental
Analysis (news trading)
Does not have an inbuilt Forex Calendar A separate economic calendar tab with features like news event, schedule, impact, forecast, previous & others.
4 Commerce/ Market Does not have commerce integrated into the platform. You have to visit MQL website for Market Place.  
*New EAs & Forex Products can only be rented in Market Place for MT4 Builds 777 and above.  
*New Magazines can now be read directly from Market Tab
Integrated into the platform. You can directly purchase Forex products from MQL through the Market tab on the platform. *New* EAs & Forex Products can be rented in Market Tab.
New* Magazines can now be read directly from Market Tab
5 Indicators & Analytical Object tools 30 inbuilt indicators, 33 analytical objects 38 inbuilt indicators. New indicators added. 22 Analytical Objects, & 46 graphical objects.
6 Orders 2 market orders, 4 pending orders, 2 execution modes, 2 stop orders & a trailing stop 2 market orders, 6 pending orders, & 2 stop orders.
*New Recently modified the OrderSend function in Build 1375
7 Expert Advisor MetaTrader 4 Editor & Strategy Tester. EAs are designed with the native MQL code language, and they are faster to compile. Cannot port EA codes from MT4 to MT5. So EAs on MT4 would not work on MT5. MetaTrader 5 Editor, Improved Strategy Tester, Strategy Tester Agent Manager for remote optimization of expert advisors, e.t.c. EAs are designed with C++ and they are quite slower to compile.
8 Interface Easier to navigate around. One click trading and Drag and drop is only included in newer MT4 Builds from 500 upwards.   
*New Login to Web Trader, MQL5 Community has been added. Passwords can now be changed from this menu as well as registration of account as a signal provider
*New Built-in Virtual Hosting
*New Chatting now available directly on the platform (Available in Build 985 upwards)
*New Video guides included in Help Menu. 
More additions in the design interface. Search box included, Details tab on the Market Watch window. One Click trading, drag and drop, e.t.c.
*New A lot of developments has been carried out in the UI. Video guides included in Help Menu. Tester component improved. New features in Navigator (ability to display Hedging or Netting mode)

*New Chatting now available directly on the platform (Available in Build 1338 upwards)
9 Trading (Hedging, FIFO, e.t.c.) Allows all trading methods. However broker regulations are implemented on their MT4 platforms. Does not support hedging & implements FIFO by default.
10 Brokers More brokers deliver certain key services on MT4 than MT5. Not much when compared to brokers who deliver their services on MT4.
** please see comments for latest additions and modifications

Now the big question! Why are most traders still sticking with MT4 despite the newly introduced features in MT5? Here are the simple reasons.

1. EAs designed with MQL Code cannot work on MT5, and cannot be ported to MT5. What??? you mean some expensive bucks of investment on my EA would be thrown off just like that? Yes!!! The only way out is to rewrite the codes in C++.

2. Say bye bye to Hedging and scalping in MT5 (Anti-FIFO). MT5 is more like a regulated platform implementing the NFA Rules by default. However this shouldn't be.

These two reasons are some of the scary, and discouraging
facts of MT5 to traders. I guess that is why MQL allowed some features of MT5 like One Click Trading, Drag and Drop, Signal Tab, Code Base, e.t.c into MT4 newer builds.

It is also obvious that they concentrated more resources to the MQL5 Community, and added lots of services you wouldn't find in MQL4 Community in order to persuade traders to migrate from MQL4 to MQL5 Community.

So what's your take? Stick with MT4 or switch over? - See polls below.

Which Trading Platform Do You Prefer? MT4 or MT5

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List of All Forex Currency Pairs According to Major Pairs, Exotic Pairs, & Precious Metals

This article presents a full list of Forex Currency Pairs according to Major Pairs, Exotic Pairs, Precious Metals, and Correlated Pairs.

100% BonusForex Currency Pairs are the integral instruments being traded in Forex. They are also called securities. In Forex unlike Stocks and Commodities, the security or trading instruments are paired in a BUY/SELL or SELL/BUY pattern. For example the Forex currency pair EURUSD technically would mean buy the Euro and Sell the Dollar or Sell the EUR and Buy the Dollar. Profits are made when the EUR for example is bought at 1.4500 dollars and later sold at 2.4950 dollars (i.e. Buy EURUSD at $1.4500 and later Sell when EUR is $2.4950) This is where the slogan "Buy LOW and Sell HIGH" comes in.

A lot of traders often do not know the Forex Currency Pairs involved in Forex. Most traders would have been more successful if only they had diversified their strategies to include other currency pairs. This is the reason why we are presenting an entire list of Forex Currency Pairs  categorized according to Major Pairs, Exotic Pairs, Precious Metals, and Correlated Pairs.

This article does not reveal other details such as swaps, spreads, or currency pip range. Those are broker specifics and they are dynamic in nature. 
We will be glad if you participate in our poll stating your choice of currency pair at the end of this article.


1. ALL Forex Currency Pairs (ordered alphabetically)

1 AUDCAD - Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar /
2 AUDCHF - Australian Dollar/Swiss Franc /
3 AUDJPY – Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen /
4 AUDNZD – Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar /
5 AUDUSD – Australian Dollar/US Dollar /
6 CADCHF – Canadian Dollar/Swiss Franc /
7 CADJPY – Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen /
8 CHFJPY – Swiss Franc/Japanese Yen /
9 EURAUD – Euro/Australian Dollar /
10 EURCAD – Euro/Canadian Dollar /
11 EURCHF – Euro/Swiss Franc /
12 EURDKK – Euro/Danish Krone /
13 EURGBP – Euro/Great Britain Pound /
14 EURHUF – Euro/Hungarian Forint /
15 EURJPY – Euro/Japanese Yen /
16 EURNZD – Euro/New Zealand Dollar /
17 EURPLN – Euro/Polish Zloty /
18 EURUSD – Euro/US Dollar /
19 GBPAUD – Great Britain Pound/Australian Dollar /
20 GBPCAD – Great Britain Pound/Canadian Dollar /
21 GBPCHF – Great Britain Pound/Swiss Franc /
22 GBPJPY – Great Britain Pound/Japanese Yen /
23 GBPNZD – Great Britain Pound/Australian Dollar /
24 GBPUSD – Great Britain Pound/US Dollar /
25 NZDCAD – New Zealand Dollar/Canadian Dollar /
26 NZDCHF – New Zealand Dollar/Swiss Franc /
27 NZDJPY – New Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen /
28 NZDUSD – New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar /
29 USDCAD – US Dollar/Canadian Dollar /
30 USDCHF – US Dollar/Swiss Franc /
31 USDDKK – US Dollar/Danish Kronor /
32 USDHKD – US Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar /
33 USDHUF – US Dollar/Hungarian Forint /
34 USDJPY – US Dollar/Japanese Yen /
35 USDNOK – US Dollar/Norwegian Kronor /
36 USDPLN – US Dollar/Polish Zloty /
37 USDRON – US Dollar/Romanian Lei /
38 USDSEK – US Dollar/Swedish Kronor /
39 USDSGD – US Dollar/Singapore Dollar /
40 USDTRY – US Dollar/Turkish Lira /
41 USDZAR – US Dollar/South Africa Rand /
42ZARJPY – South African Rand/Japanese Yen /

 2. Forex Currency Major Pairs

These are the Major Pairs predominantly traded in Forex. In economic view, these pairs dominate the financial controlling powers amongst other currencies of the world due to their political, and financial might. An undesirable economic shock on either of these pairs can send ripple effects that would affect the world economy. These pairs are also known for their high volatility.

1 EURUSD – Euro/US Dollar /
2 USDJPY – US Dollar/Japanese Yen /
3 GBPUSD – Great Britain Pound/US Dollar /
4 GBPJPY – Great Britain Pound/Japanese Yen /
5 EURGBP – Euro/Great Britain Pound /
6 EURJPY – Euro/Japanese Yen /
7 USDCHF – US Dollar/Swiss Franc /

3. Forex Currency Exotic Pairs

These are rarely traded pairs with low volumes, market depth, and very high bid/ask spread. They are expensive pairs to trade due to their high spread.

1 USDDKK – US Dollar/Danish Kronor /
2 USDHKD – US Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar /
3 USDHUF – US Dollar/Hungarian Forint /
4 USDJPY – US Dollar/Japanese Yen /
5 USDNOK – US Dollar/Norwegian Kronor /
6 USDPLN – US Dollar/Polish Zloty /
7 USDRON – US Dollar/Romanian Lei /
8 USDSEK – US Dollar/Swedish Kronor /
9 USDSGD – US Dollar/Singapore Dollar /
10 USDTRY – US Dollar/Turkish Lira /
11 USDZAR – US Dollar/South Africa Rand /
12 EURDKK – Euro/Danish Krone /
13 EURHUF – Euro/Hungarian Forint /
14 EURPLN – Euro/Polish Zloty /
15 EURNZD – Euro/New Zealand Dollar /
16 ZARJPY – South African Rand/Japanese Yen /

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4. Forex Currency Correlated Pairs

Correlated pairs are currency pairs that have similar price patterns, movement, reactions, and price action. Therefore it is not wise to trade some of these pairs at the same time because it could multiply your risk if the market goes against you. Also it would be disastrous to trade some of these pairs at the same time because they move against themselves. For example if there is a SELL signal on the EURUSD, then it is 95% likely that the same signal would appear on the GBPUSD but not likely with the same intensity.

1 EURUSD – Euro/US Dollar /
2 EURGBP – Euro/Great Britain Pound /
3 USDCHF – US Dollar/Swiss Franc /
4 USDJPY – US Dollar/Japanese Yen /
5 AUDNZD – Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar /
6 AUDUSD – Australian Dollar/US Dollar /
7 GBPJPY – Great Britain Pound/Japanese Yen /
8 GBPUSD – Great Britain Pound/US Dollar /
9 EURJPY – Euro/Japanese Yen /
10 AUDJPY – Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen /
11 NZDJPY – New Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen /

5. Forex Metals

These are assets in form of gold and silver. Their unique nature makes them an appetite for investment through stocks or commodity market. These precious metals are also used as currency tender and materials for producing high quality jewelries. Some country's monetary power is backed up by the amount of gold in their reserve.

1 XAUEUR – Gold/Euro Spot
2 XAUUSD – Gold Spot
3 XAGEUR – Silver/Euro Spot
4 XAGUSD – Silver Spot

We'll appreciate your comments, additions or observations on the list of currency pairs. We'll be glad if you share with the house your choice of pair and which pair you feel is the best by participating in the poll.

POLL: What is your Favourite Currency Pair? (leave a comment if your choice is not stated on the poll.)