MAM and PAMM Account Broker Comparison Chart

Trading the Forex requires great skills and indepth knowledge of the financial market. Unfortunately the statistics or ratio of successful traders to unsuccessful traders seems to be very high on the negative side. In order to bridge this gap, and also provide investment means for financial institutions and individuals, Brokers & experts came up with a concept that enables investors (traders) put together funds, which are managed (traded) by professional traders, and then the profits/loss is shared by a ratio formula. This is where PAMM Accounts or Managed Funds came in. Go straight to comparison chart

This arrangement gives the Manager access to a large pool of funds and gives less experienced clients a way to earn money on Forex and related markets without having to do the trading themselves. As a compensation for the successful trading the Manager receives a share of the profits earned by the Investor. 

Most brokers offer this service with different features and conditions. We have taken an indepth research to clearly display these features comparatively to enable investors take the best decision.

MAM & PAMM Account Comparison Chart
Broker *Min Deposit **No of Fund Managers Protection Client Type Charges/Fees Multi Selection Currency Base

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$300 553 Investors decide the maximum acceptable level of loss that can be lost from their Investment account. Once that level is reached, all open trades are closed out of the control of the fund manager.

PAMM Managers are required to invest their funds into the account in order to ensure shared risk and responsibility.
Individual Corporate Joint Success Fee (varies)
Penalty Fee (varies)

0 charges for deposits & withdrawal even at the daily rollover
Investors can select multiple fund managers USD

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Flexible - System restricts managers to only perform trades within investors deposits not allowing withdrawing investors funds. Individual Profit Fee (varies) Volume Fee (varies)
Commission 0.0020%*
Investors can open several accounts & connect them to several fund managers. USD

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