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3rd Week of June 2018
Welcome to another week filled with speeches from key central bank chiefs and a few important Interest Rate decisions.

It is likely investors will pay much attention to the Interest Rate decisions from UK and Swiss and probably statements from ECB and Japan though we do not expect much action in the market from the scheduled forums and conferences. 

We expect some great amount of volatility during these events, which will create opportunities for News Trading as usual.

Join us and get set for action. Wish you a pipfull outcome this week.  NB: See our summary analysis of our news trading results. Click Here

Thur June 21st, 2018 [CHF Interest Rate Decision/Press Conference]
Event Time: 3:30am EST | 8:30am GMT +1
The Swiss National Bank (SNB) will unveil interest rate decision for the Swiss Franc at the early hours of the US Trading Session. Expectations are quite high for a change in interest rates though the SNB may likely do nothing going by previous statements from Thomas Jordan - SNB Chairman. However if we get a change in rates today then expect a great impact in the market for the CHF pairs. 

Press Conference(9:30am EST | 2:30pm GMT+1)
A press conference has been scheduled an hour later after the release of the interest rate decision. The SNB Chairman will make key statements on the factors that led to their decisions and present other Monetary Policy insights to the press.

If we do not get any change in interest rates then Investors will pay very close attention to the press conference which in most cases can stir up the market.

News Trade Type/Method: [High Impact/Spike] Market Order; Pending Order; Straddling

Past Review: Interest Rate was last changed downward from -0.25% to -0.75% in Jan 15th 2015. 

It is likely rates may not be increased today following recent statements made by Thomas Jordan to CNN Money in June 7th 2018, concerning furture decisions on increasing rates.
Recommendation: BUY CHF if interest rate is increased to -0.25%. SELL if it is reduced to -1.25%

Press Conference: Carefully pay close attention to statements and answer to questions bordering on Monetary Policies, Inflation, & when likely rates may be changed (if not changed) to decifer the outlook of the CHF before taking any decision.

BUY CHF if the statements and answer to questions sounds positive. SELL if key statements appear negative. Better still feel the pulse of the market and follow the direction.

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Thur, June 21st [UK Bank Votes/Interest Rate Decision] Event Time: 7:00am EST | 12:00pm GMT +1
The Bank of England will unveil to the public the interest decisions and results of votes cast by MPC members on interest rates.

The odds and support for rate hike in London is apparently getting higher though words on the "streets" firmly hold on to a "no-rate-hike" in June until August. 

However if this is true, we'll pay close attention to the results of the Bank Votes by the MPC members, which will give us some direction on where the British Pound is headed to. But if we get a surprise today then expect the GBP to rock the market on whichever side the decision is taken.

News Trade Type/Method: [High Impact/Spike] Pending Order; Straddling

Past Review: Interest rate was last changed in Nov 2nd 2017, from 0.25% to 0.50%. It is certain that rates are overdue for a change but the timing recaims an uncertainty from BOE Chairman. 
Recommendation: BUY GBP if Interest Rate is increased to 0.75%
or if the number of MPC members who voted for increase in rate is higher than those who voted for decrease in rates. SELL if the Interest Rate is cut down to 0.25% or if the number of MPC members who voted for increase in rate is lower than those who voted for decrease in rates
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Fri, June 22nd [CAD CPI m/m/Core Retail Sales m/m]
Event Time: 8:30am EST | 1:30pm GMT +1
The Canadian CPI and Core Retails Sales figures for the month of June has been scheduled to be released same time. Both economic indicators are important as they reveal similar consumer purchase index of the Canadian Economy. It is a dicey event to trade because divergent results may cause chaos in the market. 

But if the results from both events tally in the same direction then it's going to be an easy shot for traders.

News Trade Type/Method: [High Impact] Pending Order or Straddling

Past Review: The Core Retail Sales performance has bnot been impressive looking at  the results since Jan, 2018. However some of the negative outcomes were revised upwards several times which makes it a bit unsteady. 

The CPI has been a bit balanced with two negative outcomes and two positive outcomes since this year.   
BUY CAD if the CPI comes out at 0.6% and Core Retail Sales comes out positive at 0.3%. SELL if the CPI comes out lower at 0.0%, and Core Retail Sales reduces to -0.7%

NB: After the release of the actual figure, wait for few minutes to check if the previous figure would be revised before taking any decision. Also ensure both figures tally or study the market pulse before taking any decision  

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These are the high impact news trading tips and guide for the 3rdd Week of June, 2018. Feel free to leave your comments, inquiries, and suggestions.