2014 Wrap Up - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

2014 came with expectations, lots of promises, hopes, wild dreams, and hot pursuits. But for some it was a tale of laughter, tears, dreams torn apart, aims not reached, and for others a journey they never ventured. We at FXTradeCity experienced it all. There were times we got frustrated, and sometimes it was endless joy, however when we look back since the year began, there's a glimpse of smile on our face because every new day promises better things, and so we look forward to a better year ahead. So we gladly give thanks to God Almighty for His Grace, Strength, Provision & Blessings to us and you in the good and bad times.

Despite the turbulence in the market, FXTradeCity experienced a huge growth in its community. We like to say this was possible due to your posts, comments, and suggestions. No matter how strong the storm blew, we never let our dreams die, we stuck to our mission, to provide quality Forex information, assistance, & services for every trader across the globe to achieve financial freedom. We will continue to do this until the market runs dry.

However we had our regrets too. We got our accounts burnt once a while. We experienced challenges beyond the ordinary, which ended as a bitter lesson to us. We couldn't fully support some of our innovative programs like FXTradeCity Forex Signals, Live News Trading Room, and other programs we had in mind this year. We apologize to our teeming fans, and subscribers who waited eagerly for this. We hope to kick start these programs in 2015.

Looking back in 2014, there are some great lessons to learn, and some mistakes to avoid in the coming year. Some of the habits that made 2014 an ugly year for most traders was procrastination, fear, lack of right investment/knowledge, greed, and the major culprit was not using stop loss. Probably some accounts would have scaled through to 2015 if the accounts were protected with stop loss.

As we look forward to 2015, I encourage you to put the past behind, and be determined to do it right this time. Yes you can if you are willing.

Wish you a wonderful and prosperous 2015.