FREE Forex Tick Download Utility - SQ Tick Data Downloader V1.1

Quality Forex data is vital to all aspects of Forex Trading with regards to Strategy Testing, Expert Advisor Development/Optimization, Real Time Trading, Trade Copier Systems, Signal Services, Accurate Price Feeds, e.t.c. 

Forex Tick Data comes in various file formats, which can be converted to other file types like .csv to .hst. Here are some examples of Forex tick data file formats:
  1. MetaTrader in 1 minute Bar
  2. Generic ASCII in 1 minute Bar
  3. Generic ASCII in Ticks
  4. Meta Stock in 1 minute Bar
  5. Ninja Trader in 1 second Bar (Tick Bars) with LAST quotes.
  6. Ninja Trader in 1 second Bar (Tick Bars) with BID quotes.
  7. Ninja Trader in 1 second Bar (Tick Bars) with ASK quotes.
  8. Ninja Trader in 1 minute Bar

The 1 minute, and 1 second tick data are the best when it comes to accuracy, and quality for strategy testing. It is advised to download 1 minute tick data, and convert them to other timeframes by using the period-converter scripts located in the navigator window of MetaTrader Platform.

There are lots of utilities that can be used to directly download Forex Tick Data from providers and brokers. You could either choose to use a paid service or use a free utility. Whichever choice you take ensure you're getting quality data from a reliable provider.

The SQ Tick Data Downloaded 1.1 is a free utility, which can be used to download over 33 Forex Currency Pairs, and 2 Forex Precious Metals. It is a standalone application, which allows downloading of Forex Currency Data ranging from Year 2007 till date.

Tick Data Downloader downloads real historical tick data from Dukascopy, and produces CSV data file for every downloaded symbol. The downloaded tick data can be used as the data source for Tick Data Suite for MetaTrader4 or StrategyQuant System Builder to perform EA testing or generation on real tick data with 99% test precision. Click here to Download: FREE

Programs That Support Tick Data Downloader
The compatibility of the utility program you use for sourcing for Forex Tick Data is very important. The downloaded or processed file format should be convertible, and compatible with other Forex Systems.

Here's a list of programs that can use real tick data for backtesting - they can use the data downloaded using Tick Data Downloader.
  1. StrategyQuant System Builder - Computer Generated Trading Strategies.
    This system lets your computer generate trading strategies for you using the power of genetic programming and evolution. With ability to export the strategies to MT4 EA code.

  2. Birt's Tick Data Suite: An excellent solution to test your EAs in MetaTrader4 with real tick data.
    A must have for every serious EA developer and tester.

Other Sources of Forex Currency Data Download