Forex Trading Buy Sell Signal System - ProFx 3.0 3.0 is a high precision Forex trading system that primarily produces Buy/Sell signals. It was designed by the renowned ForexEASystems, which has changed to Forex21.

A lot of Forex traders most often prefer trading systems that would precisely tell them where to Buy, Sell, Take Profits, set Stop Loss, e.t.c. Amazingly there are tons of systems like this on the internet claiming to have 100% precision buy/sell signals. However based from experience and tests, most of these systems always lack a vital quality, which is dynamism, and continuity.

The ProFX system has been existing for many years since the era of EA Shark & EA Ultimate. I could say it has not lost its touch since it was developed. The new version offers refined features taking into cognizance the changes and latest market shifts incorporated into it.

Live Performance Result (

How Does ProFx 3.0 Work
The semi-automated Forex trading system continuously analyzes technical and fundamental market conditions and comes up with precise entry and exit signals through audio, e-mail, and SMS notifications whenever a new high probability setup has been detected. It acts like a super guiding system.

Key Features
  1. Buy/Sell signals (depicted by up and down arrows)
  2. Built-in E-mail,SMS, Audio Alerts
  3. Can be used to trade Futures, Options, Commodities, e.t.c.
  4. Displays SL and TP areas on the chart.
  5. Warning system on when and when not to trade.
  6. Can be used on Five (5) trading accounts.
  7. Subscribers get daily trade suggestions though email.
  8. Free build updates.

ProFx 3.0 performance results has been positive since it was developed. In the month of January 2014 it made $430.20 profit. In February it made $254.97 profit. Total profits made since inception (Sept 2013 till date (March 5th 2014)) is $1,961.18. These figures are verified by live tracking and monitoring system.

ProFx 3.0 is sold for $189.00. This is quite some amount of money though the performance shows a good return on investment when compared to the cost price. 

ProFx 3.0 has made over $792.81 since January 2014 till date (March 5th 2014).

Have you used ProFX 3.0 before or you are currently using it? Please share your experience with us.